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May 18, 2021

Permanent Electoral Authority sets March 28 for establishment of local elections’ central electoral bureau

The Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) for this June’s local elections will be set up on March 28, the Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP) announced Tuesday in a press statement. The calendar for the local election actions: * March 28 – the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) will be set up; * March 28 – April 6: the running political parties, electoral alliances and organisations of national minorities will submit to BEC their names and electoral logos; * April 11 – 26: candidacies will be submitted; * May 4: the candidacies will stay final; * May 6: the public will be informed about the number of electoral constituencies, marking and numbering of each polling station as well as their venues; * May 6 – June 4: electioneering; * May 26: the ballot papers will be printed; * June 5, 07:00hrs to 21:00hrs, EEST: election day; * June 6 (21:00hrs): the ballots will be counted, reports on voting will be drawn up along with files on the outcome of the local elections.

AEP says the main legislative novelty in the local elections is implementing SIMPV, an information system for voter turnout monitoring and the prevention of illegal voting and the presence in each polling station of a computer operator.

Another novelty is choosing the chairs of the electoral offices of the polling stations and their deputies by drawing lots from among the members of the body of electoral experts. The right of all European Union citizens to be elected to mayor, local councillor or county councillor’s offices in Romania is another legislative first.

AEP also mentions county council chairs and their deputies being elected by indirect voting by county councils and local counties, respectively, as well as the reimbursement by the Government via AEP of the electoral competitors’ electioneering costs as recent supplements to the electoral legislation.


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