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October 23, 2021

PNL could lose 1,849 members

Busteni Mayor Emanoil Savin announced on Monday in a press conference that he will run for a new term in office as a PSD candidate, explaining that he could no longer fit in following the merger between PDL and PNL. “Starting today, the entire PDL Busteni branch (PDL has merged with PNL, the latter being the absorbing party – editor’s note) will join PSD. We, the PDL branch, have 1,849 members,” Savin added. “PNL has a separate branch, because this is the source of the split too: the National Liberal Party has absorbed PDL, and all branches are working in parallel. So in Busteni we have two branches, a PDL and a PNL branch, similarly at county level. I attended several meetings here and then I no longer wanted to come, because they were convening separately and so did we. They are asking PNL Busteni for council members’ lists, PDL is asking us. And it seems that two separate structures are in operation and I couldn’t fit in, I’ve always had a different principle and I couldn’t fit in with them,” Emanoil Savin stated.

The Busteni Mayor pointed out that another reason for his decision to leave PNL consists of the fact that the Liberals are backing for the Prahova County Council Chairmanship a politician from a different county, namely Senator Iulian Dumitrescu, who was elected in a constituency in Calarasi and was never before part of the political life in Prahova County.

“Of course, I considered it unjust that they are bringing in a County Council candidate from another county, from Calarasi, whose entire population is not higher than Ploiesti’s, it has 200,000 people, and he is supposed to lead Prahova County, one of the largest counties in Romania. (…) I didn’t fit in with them in this team, with PNL, because with eight mayors they’ve come to lead Prahova County and it was normal for PDL, with 40 mayors to… (…) So then I no longer agreed,” Savin stated for news.ro.

Asked whether other mayors who are former PDL members have the same dissatisfactions, the Busteni Mayor answered: “Many mayors are upset. After this launch (the launch of PNL candidates last Friday – editor’s note) that number could grow, because they weren’t invited on the stage. All PDL mayors are upset that they weren’t invited on the stage, only PNL mayors were, and many of them are upset. I’m telling you honestly, I don’t know what to tell you at this moment, I’ve had some talks and we are first waiting for me to take over the office here after which…”

PSD Prahova President Bogdan Toader pointed out that Savin will be Deputy President of PSD Prahova’s County Office and coordinator of the elections campaign for this year’s local and parliamentary elections.


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