President Iohannis after SRI’s activity report meeting: “Romania is a safe country, free from security incidents and terrorism”

President Klaus Iohannis stated on Tuesday, at the Romanian Intelligence Service’s (SRI) review report meeting, that the Service did its duty and that Romania is a safe country during a period with many problems and risks.

“Romania is a safe country, free from security incidents and terrorism. In terms of security, there is room only for 100 percent professionalism. I believe citizens are expecting two things from SRI: to be safe and for their rights and liberties to be respected,” the President stated.

“For 2015, I emphasised that Romania is a safe country, free from security incidents and terrorism. I thanked those who are working within SRI for ensuring the security of Romania’s citizens,” the Head of State said.

“I am happy to note that SRI is a respected and credible partner in the Euroatlantic intelligence community. We have set our sights on the future. I told them what I expect from SRI and what I believe the citizens are expecting, I expect continuity and consistency in actions and results, in terms of security there is room only for 100 percent professionalism. I believe that, against the backdrop of the alarming growth of the terrorist threat in Europe, the coordination and collaboration of intelligence services is essential. Domestically, it has the mission to defend the rule of law and fight against corruption,” Iohannis stated.

The Head of State pointed out that citizens expect two things from SRI: “to be safe and for their rights and freedoms to be respected, it has an important duty in both directions.”

Iohannis pointed out that “the resumption of the talks concerning cybersecurity legislation as well as overall regulations in the national security domain” is called for.

“The absence of coherent, unitary and up-to-date legislation in the national security domain remains a sensitive topic. We need legislative reform, which requires time, debate and coordination, but it can no longer be delayed,” the Head of State pointed out.


SRI Director Eduard Hellvig: We’re still working on the Service’s transparency


The shortcomings mentioned by the Head of State in his speech were admitted by SRI Director Eduard Hellvig. He said that the Service is performing, but not perfectly, and that it still has to work on its transparency.

“We are performing, yet not perfectly. (…) We are not perfect since we have to work on the transparency of the Service’s activity,” Hellvig said after the SRI’s activity report meeting attended by President Klaus Iohannis.

The director declared that, 26 years after its establishment, the Service’s priority is the security of citizens. He specified that terrorism, organized crime and cyber crimes are nowadays aimed directly at the citizens.

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