President Iohannis to attend the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington: Romania at the forefront of states fulfilling their nuclear security commitments

Romania is at the forefront of the states that entirely fulfill their nuclear security commitments, as it has a clear nuclear program in place and a responsible relevant conduct, President Klaus Iohannis said on Wednesday at the Cotroceni Palace before departing for the U.S., where he will attend the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington.

“Regrettably, we have all seen lately how imminently present the threat of terrorism is in Europe and worldwide. The attacks that have recently shaken European cities and capitals endanger not only the physical security of our citizens, but are an attack on the values and principles we represent. Faced with this terrorist threat which can take various forms, we need solidarity, responsibility and joint action. The Washington summit is dedicated to preventing nuclear terrorism by strengthening the global nuclear security architecture. I want Romania’s message to be firmly heard in Washington. Romania is at the forefront of the states that entirely fulfill their nuclear security commitments, having a clear nuclear program in place and a responsible conduct,” Klaus Iohannis said.

The head of the state added that Romania’s being represented at top level to the Washington summit is “essential and in line with the role the country has taken up as regards security and with its participation in relevant international efforts and joint actions.”

Iohannis explained that the event in Washington is the fourth in a broader process launched by President Barack Obama in 2010.

“Now, in 2016, alongside another 52 states as well as the leaders of relevant international organizations, we will analyze what has been achieved in the last six years and will decide on the directions to follow in order to advance the international agenda in the field of nuclear security,” Iohannis explained.

The head of the state underscored that Romania’s participation in the Washington summit is “a matter of prestige, consistency and influence.”

“In the first place, Romania reconfirms that it is an active and responsible member of the small group of countries with relevant nuclear capabilities, which possess the full nuclear fuel cycle and which are firmly committed to promoting the global nuclear security architecture and to combating nuclear terrorism. Our participation in the Washington summit is also a matter of consistency of action and national policy in the line of nuclear security, as well as of consistency in honoring our commitments pledged in the wider context of nuclear non-proliferation, security and safety. Not in the last place, our influence capacity will be enhanced by the fact that Romania will be at the forefront of efforts to define an international framework to tackle nuclear terrorism and strengthen the frame of action in the field of nuclear security,” Iohannis said.

The President pointed out that “Romania will continue to apply, within its nuclear program, the highest nuclear security standards and will support the improvement of international cooperation in the field.”

“I will directly communicate all this to our partners. No doubt, long-lasting efforts are needed to achieve lasting results in the fight against nuclear terrorism. Therefore, Romania will continue to actively participate in the process of the global strengthening of nuclear security subsequently to 2016, including here support to the role of the International Atomic Energy Agency,” Iohannis continued.

The head of the state announced that on the occasion of his trip to Washington he will visit the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, “a comprehensive project that keeps alive the memory of Holocaust victims.” “I will also meet with representatives of the Romanian community in the U.S., from the Washington region in particular,” Iohannis said.

President Klaus Iohannis will be in the U.S. Wednesday through Saturday, participating in the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington.

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