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September 28, 2020

Romanian broadcasting company, still leaderless

Parliament’s vote on the appointment of the Romanian Broadcasting Company’s (TVR) President and CEO has been postponed by another week, after TVR’s Board failed to nominate a person and Parliament’s Culture Commissions were unable to sort things out. The members of TVR’s Board gave six votes to Monica Ghiurco (employees’ representatives) and Doina Gradea (PSD’s representative), UDMR’s representative being absent. Board members have one week at their disposal to nominate a person.

The joint plenum of the Senate and Chamber of Deputies rejected, in a 206-to-185 vote, the nomination of George Orbean as chairman of the Board and CEO of the Romanian state TV broadcaster.

The vote on Orbean’s nomination failed last week because of a lack of quorum. The Parliament managed, however, to appoint the 13 members of the new board, which subsequently nominated George Orbean – the Government’s representative – for chairman and CEO.

The joint plenum of the two Chambers will reconvene next Tuesday, for the third time.

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