Women contribute 41-43pct to Romania’s GDP

Women contribute some 41 to 43 percent to Romania’s gross domestic product (GDP), the reason being their earlier retirement, shows a survey by the National Prognosis Commission (CNP).
The assessment of the women’s contribution to the gross domestic product was based on data published by the National Institute for Statistics (INS) for 2014 and 2013 (for the GDP, in a breakdown by institutional sectors). Three methods were used for the calculation: production, revenues and GDP by institutional sectors.

‘Considering the structure by activities of the national economy, the services sector as a whole has by far the largest contribution (51.6 percent of GDP), yet here women account for 48 percent of the employed population. There are branches where women account for more than 60 percent (66.3 percent in financial intermediation and insurance; 62.7 percent in public administration, education, healthcare; 60.1 percent in show business, cultural and recreation activities), but their contribution to the formation of the GDP is around 16 percent. Another branch with a significant contribution to the formation of the GDP is industry, with about 25 percent, but again the women’s share of the the employed population is just 39.3 percent. A noteworthy element is the very low share of women in the building sector (7.9 percent). With this method, the women’s contribution to the formation of the GDP was estimated at 40.9 percent,’ reads the CNP document.

In the sectors of public administration and financial societies, respectively, the share of employed women exceeds 60 percent, but these two sectors provide less than 15 percent of GDP. Conversely, non-financial societies and households, which provide for an aggregate of about 73 percent of GDP, the share of the employed female population is lower.

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