President Iohannis announces consultations with parties on security legislation

President Klaus Iohannis announced consultations with all the political parties on security legislation.

“If politicians back in the country expect these consultations, it means they have understood my message. I want to reassure everybody that I’ll have consultations with all the political parties over the next weeks; we will also gather the experts who came up with some ideas in this field, and I hope we will manage to start within the shortest delays a process of modernization and update of the whole legislation,” Iohannis declared on Thursday in Washington DC, where he will  participate in the Nuclear Security Summit.

“I am very glad about the politicians starting to mobilize after my speech on the SRI (Romanian Intelligence Service) report. I have mentioned on that occasion the legislation concerning the national security, particularly the specific legislation – for instance that related to the prepaid [mobile phone] cards, to the cyber security, and so on; and I have underlined there that it’s very important to have a modernized, updated legislation, and that this must be done through a political consensus, otherwise the legislation would lack the necessary stability,” the President said, according to Agerpres.

His speech, he said, “was not an appeal to immediate consultation, but rather making the politicians aware.”

Security laws are specialized, thus solutions are not easy to find when it comes to cyber security and prepaid cards, unless experts are consulted, Iohannis asserted. “I think these consultations are an important step, because ultimately the Parliament – where parties are represented – must vote these laws; but a public consultation is equally important, and I think that, if things keep this awareness pace that I like, then we will have political consultations practically at the same time with a wide debate throughout the society,” he added.

According to the head of state, citizens expect legislation to guarantee their fundamental rights and freedoms, not just their security.


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