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May 20, 2022

‘Minte-ma frumos in Centrul Vechi’ to hit silver screens on April 1! Not an April Fools’ Day joke!

The ‘Minte-ma frumos’ Romanian romantic comedy film has a sequel. ‘Minte-ma frumos in Centrul Vechi’ will hit the silver screens on April 1 and promises to be a success that meets expectations!

The shooting of the film started on 23 September 2015 in Bucharest and lasted just 15 days. Initially designed for fewer characters, the screenplay was rewritten following a casting for which many talented actors showed up.

Directed by Iura Luncasu, the film brings together young names from the world of Romanian theatre: Pavel Ulici, Nicoleta Hancu, Antoaneta Zaharia, Marius Damian, Sorin Miron, Alexandru Unguru, Aida Economu, Diana Roman, but also familiar and appreciated names from the world of Romanian film: Coca Bloos, Adriana Trandafir, Emilian Oprea and George Pisteranu. Television stars such as Viorel Lis, Codin Maticiuc, Virgil Iantu and Max Dragomir also appear in the film.

Synopsis: Five young actors are preparing a theatre show in Bucharest’s Old Centre (Centrul Vechi). Doru, Dora, Lucy, Alecu and Freddie make up a harmonious love pentagon. Dora and Lucy are in love with Doru, but Doru is in love with gambling. Alecu is in love with Dora, but he is content with Lucy. Lucy is content with anyone. Anytime, anywhere. As for Freddie… it’s difficult to define whom and what he loves more.

One thing is certain: loan sharks do not love Doru at all. With debt enforcers on his tail, he turns to Toni, who hasn’t lost his hacking talent revealed in the prequel. And since his wife, Oana, has set her mind on godfathering Dora and Doru, Toni strikes again. As expected, Toni himself will be at the receiving end. Lucky him he knows how to make a fool of himself like nobody else.

‘Minte-ma frumos in Centrul Vechi’ is produced by the ‘Teatrul Contemporan’ Foundation. Producers: Adrian Lustig and Cristina Dobritoiu. The screenplay is signed by Adrian Lustig, the picture by Andrei Baltaretu. The film will hit the silver screens on April 1.

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