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August 5, 2021

Romanians abroad to register if they want to vote by mail in general election

Romanian nationals with a residence or domicile abroad will have to register with the electoral roll in order to be allowed to vote by mail in this year’s general election; they can also choose to register with the new polling stations in the areas of their residence, and do so starting April 1, Minister-delegate for Romanians Abroad Dan Stoenescu told a news conference on Thursday.

“Only those registered with the electoral roll will be allowed to vote by mail or at the new polling stations to open in the areas of their residence,” said Stoenescu.

Chair of the Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP) Ana Maria Patru said those opting for the postal voting will take just some minutes to vote from their homes, thus avoiding lines and traffic jams.

“Starting tomorrow, all Romanians with a domicile or residence abroad may register with the electoral roll, including choosing voting by mail, which means the images of long lines at the polling stations abroad will become history. (…) Those opting for the postal voting will be able to vote from their homes in some minutes, thus avoiding long lines plus costs of going to the polling stations. All they have to do is submitting, in person or by mail, the necessary documents for getting registered with the electoral roll. (…) We are advising the Romanians abroad to get registered with the electoral roll, even if they do not choose postal voting, because that way they can vote close to their homes,” said Patru.

Secretary General of Romania’s Foreign Ministry (MAE) Sorin Moise said the Romanians abroad have two options to cast their ballots: by mail or at polling stations.

“Also as a first in Romanian legislation, polling stations abroad may be set up at the request of at least 100 [enfranchised] Romanian nationals with a domicile or residence abroad by registration with the electoral roll. (…) The Romanian Government will no longer be allowed to open additional polling stations outside the Romanian diplomatic promises, unless upon the request of voters in the electoral roll,” Moise explained.

Patru warned that under the current legislation, Romanian tourists abroad may no longer vote in the general election. “When they are on holiday [abroad] during elections, they will no longer be allowed to vote,” she said.

Registration with the electoral roll is allowed 48 hours before the start of electioneering, at the latest, based on a written application comprising the family name, any previous names, first name(s), personal information number, residence/domicile address, zip code, e-mail address and the holographic signature of the applicant. Afterwards, the applicants will be sent by the Romanian Post the papers for postal voting. Vote by mail instructions are posted on the AEP website.

Postal voting has been promoted in several video clips. According to head of AEP’s Communications and External Relations Directorate, 165,000 flyers and 30,000 pamphlets were printed for promotional purposes by the Official Journal printing house.


Permanent Electoral Authority provides details on Electoral Register to Romanians living abroad


The Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP) provides details regarding their enrollment in the Electoral Register to the Romanians living or residing abroad who wish to vote in parliamentary elections.

According to a press release issued on Friday for Agerpres, enrollment begins on April 1 and is open until no later than 48 hours after the start of the electoral period for parliamentary elections.

The AEP states that enrollment in the Electoral Register is mandatory for those who wish to vote by correspondence. Otherwise, enrollment is not mandatory and all Romanians legally residing abroad may vote. The AEP nevertheless recommends all Romanians abroad to enroll in the Electoral Register, because this allows them to vote in a polling station near their residence, saving costs and travel time to polling stations at embassies, consulates and cultural institutes. Polling stations will be set up in all localities or groups of localities with at least 100 Romanian registered as residents. The AEP encourages Romanian voters to enroll with the correspondence voting option to be allowed to vote from home.

To enroll in the Electoral Register, applicants must submit personally or send by mail to the diplomatic mission or consular office in the state of residence a written, dated and signed request, accompanied by a copy of their passport mentioning the country of legal residence, or a copy of their ID and a copy of the document proving the right to stay, issued by foreign authorities. The application can be downloaded from the website of the AEP or from the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Checking the electoral enrollment in the Electoral Register with the option to vote by correspondence can be done online, five days after the expiry of the registration term by visiting https://www.registrulelectoral.ro/ and entering personal data.

Each voter in the Electoral Register domiciled or residing abroad will be ascribed by the AEP to a single polling station. Romanian voters abroad can find out their polling stations, including its address, at https://www.registrulelectoral.ro/ by entering personal data.

For more information on enrollment in the Electoral Register and voting abroad one may access the link http://www.roaep.ro/vot_strainatate/vot_strainatate.html or can watch the videos made by AEP, available on the official Facebook page and on YouTube.


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