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August 5, 2021

Vacaresti Delta, source of friction between two interim mayors

The Vacaresti Delta, located in Bucharest’s District 4, about to be declared a protected area and considered Bucharest’s new treasure, is a motive of dispute between two interim mayors. Razvan Sava, the interim mayor of Bucharest and PNL’s candidate for the District 4 Mayoralty, and Daniel Baluta, interim District 4 Mayor and PSD’s candidate for the office.

After Daniel Baluta accused Sava of having ties with real estate sharks and real estate interests in the Vacaresti Delta area, Sava responded harshly, accusing Baluta that under his leadership “District 4 is going from bad to worse” and that “he brought his entire Social Democrat mafia clique to the honey pot.”

“The elections campaign has hardly started and Baluta, the District 4 candidate of the neo-communists cloaked under the name of PSD, hurries to bring lying accusations against me in relation to the Vacaresti Delta. I inform the interim mayor that I have but one interest concerning this topic – for it to receive natural protected area status. The pettiness of this Baluta can’t pass for credibility before District 4 Bucharesters,” Razvan Sava wrote on Facebook.

The Bucharest Mayor accuses the District 4 Mayor of incompetence. “After four months in office, the District is going from bad to worse. Taking advantage of the resignation of the former mayor, Baluta climbed on top the mayor’s chair and brought his entire Social Democrat mafia clique to the honey pot. He hopes to fool District 4 Bucharesters and to remain forever in charge after the June elections. It’s just that the people of District 4 have a nose for mafiosos like Baluta and they will send him where he belongs after June 5 – at the dumpster of failed politicians,” the Bucharest Mayor wrote.

Four years since the first talks about transforming the Vacaresti Delta, the Environment Minister has announced that the Government decision that declares the area a natural park is ready and will be approved in one of the upcoming Government meetings.

The Vacaresti Pit was initially meant to be a reservoir. After it was filled with water and abandoned, in 1989, it became a delta. The 183-hectare delta is home to over 90 species of birds and dozens of species of mammals.

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