Nuclear Security Summit in Washington : President Iohannis annouces Romania’s new commitments to nuclear security

President Klaus Iohannis announced on Friday at the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington new commitments made by Romania to nuclear security aimed at confirming an international profile of a country with a responsible nuclear policy.

“I have announced several new commitments made by Romania on this occasion, namely: one – to consolidate its national capabilities for criminal investigation in the nuclear domain; two – to improve the transportation of nuclear and radioactive materials by implementing a pilot system of detection of the circulation and transport of radioactive matters; three – to develop and implement a national training course on nuclear security culture; and four – a new voluntary contribution to the nuclear security fund of the International Atomic Energy Agency,” the President declared after the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington.

He added that he had also mentioned during the summit the security challenges in the Black Sea region, pointing out their relevance for increasing nuclear security and preventing nuclear terrorism.

“I think the Black Sea region is crucial not just to the regional security, but also to the Euro-Atlantic security overall. Thus, I have pleaded for this region to get special attention in the security architecture and for an enhancement of the strategic cooperation on this level,” said Iohannis.

He stressed the importance of Romania having a clear programme and belonging to the small group of states with relevant nuclear capabilities that have the full cycle of nuclear fuel.

“Once the complete cycle is developed, a country can learn, and the necessary expertise can build for each stage, starting from simple matters – mining – to complicated ones – transportation, use, storage after the usage. Romania is one of the countries – not many – that really has this expertise,” the President asserted.

According to him, the summit agreed on a release focusing on the further steps to preserve the political impetus on nuclear security. He explained that five action plans have been annexed to the release, concerning the role of the national organizations and initiatives on nuclear security.

“The participating states have confirmed at top level their political will to continue efforts in the fields of nuclear security and prevention of nuclear terrorism. I am convinced that our country’s messages and actions expressed or confirmed in Washington will contribute to maintaining Romania’s international profile of a state with a responsible nuclear policy acknowledged internationally,” the President concluded.


“Romania has actual performances in nuclear security that deserve recognition”


Romania has actual performances in nuclear security that deserve recognition, and it applies the strictest rules for the management and manipulation of nuclear materials, President Klaus Iohannis asserted on Friday after the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington.

There are “sufficient reasons to make us really proud of our behaviour, and we are convinced of the perspectives of further development of the Romanian nuclear programme in accordance with the highest standards of nuclear security and safety,” the President declared, mentioning that he stressed this point during the summit.

His message to the summit included Romania’s determination to observe the nuclear security standards and its relevant obligations. “I have confirmed the support to the U.S. initiative of continuing the process of strengthening nuclear security worldwide, including by maintaining the network of 53 national representatives of the participating countries. I have voiced Romania’s availability to participate actively in this process,” he declared.

He reminded that Romania is a part to all the United Nations conventions on nuclear security and it has a good collaboration with the International Atomic Energy Agency.

“Our country enforces the strictest rules for the management and manipulation of nuclear materials, for fighting the illegal traffic of such materials, especially the nuclear terrorism,” the head of state asserted.

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