Romania celebrates NATO Day, National Defence Ministry opens doors to public

The National Defence Ministry (MApN) on Sunday organised a military ceremony on the celebration of NATO Day in Romania, also marking a Doors Open Day.

National Defence Minister Mihnea Motoc, accompanied by his son Luca, Romanian Army Chief of Staff, General Nicolae Ciuca, as well as other Ministry representatives attended the event.

“On NATO Day I believe it is appropriate that we renew the respect for the military who died in the line of duty, for the military who were injured in the missions in the theatres of operations and, in general, for all our military who, with no exception, have represented us with honour and glory in all the missions they have participated in since the accession. I also believe we should not forget today or never that we are part of the most powerful alliance in history, that we have the most powerful, the most solid security guarantees that we have ever had in our long history. It is not by chance that we also have the Doors Open Day at the National Defence Ministry, we are counting on as many visitors to enjoy the weapon handling exercises, the technique and equipment exhibition stands. Steaua Sports Club also has a very beautiful stand. Overall, it will be a day when we hope to see the Army together with the people, as it is also natural,” the National Defence Minister said.

He brought to mind that Romania has been a NATO member for 12 years now and underscored that our country has “the most solid international security guarantees in its history.”

Romanian Army Chief of Staff, General Nicolae Ciuca, thanked in his message both to the military for their professionalism and devotion proven in time and to their families who supported them.

The National Defence Ministry also points out in a release that a military ceremony devoted to the celebration of NATO Day in Romania also took place at the Kandahar air base in Afghanistan, with the participation of military of the Calugareni Force Protection Infantry Battalion, the National Support Element and servicemen of the team of Afghan security forces counseling.

On the occasion of the Open Doors Day visitors could watch a weapons operation drill carried out by troops of the 30th Guard Brigade ‘Michael the Brave’, and had the possibility to visit an outdoor military equipment exhibition and other themed exhibitions.

At the same time, the ‘Steaua’ Army sports club and the Military Publishing House organized presentation stands and other military inventions and technology are also on display. Movies with military themes are screened in the auditorium of the Ministry of Defence.

Romania officially joined NATO on March 29, 2004 following the submission of the ratification instruments to the US State Department – the depository for the original North Atlantic Alliance Treaty.

The submission of the ratification instruments was followed on April 2, 2004 by the ceremony of the official hoisting of the Romanian flag at NATO’s headquarters.

Under Law No. 390 of September 28, 2004, NATO Day is celebrated in Romania every year on the first Sunday of April.


President Iohannis: Accession to NATO, one of most outstanding successes of contemporary foreign policy


The accession to NATO is one of the most outstanding successes of our country’s contemporary foreign policy, says President Klaus Iohannis, on Sunday, in a message sent on the occasion of celebrating NATO Day in Romania.

Iohannis brings to mind that 12 years ago Romania became a full member of the North Atlantic Alliance, in which context today represents a public celebration devoted to democracy and the Euro-Atlantic spirit, as well as to Romania’s affiliation to the most powerful political-military alliance in the world.

“The accession to NATO is one of the most outstanding successes of our country’s contemporary foreign policy. It is, at the same time, a moment with strong historic echoes, consecrating both the affiliation to the Euro-Atlantic system of values and the strongest guarantees of security for Romania,” the head of state maintains, according to a press release issued by the Presidential Administration.

He speaks in his message of the unpredictable challenges and developments in the current security environment, which determine the North Atlantic Alliance to go through a process of adaptation to the new geostrategic context.

“In this context, Romania, for which NATO’s relevance and efficiency strengthening as fundamental pillar of the Euro-Atlantic security is a central goal, capitalises on its well-shaped strategic profile and actively contributes to the Alliance’s missions and operations,” Iohannis also says.

In the context of the new geopolitical realities in Europe and its close vicinity, he shows, our country is getting in line with NATO’s demarches of strengthening the collective defense, mainly on the Alliance’s eastern flank.

“To this end, in the prospects of the NATO Summit in Warsaw, Romania is closely watching the consolidation of the trans-Atlantic relation and the promotion of Euro-Atlantic values in the neighbourhood, for ensuring a stable and predictable security environment, in the spirit of the Joint Declaration on Allied Solidarity and Shared Responsibility of the heads of state in Central and Eastern Europe, adopted on the occasion of the meeting in Bucharest, of November 2015,” the President shows.

The head of state underscores that today we must bring a pious homage to the Romanian military who sacrificed their lives for the values and principles of the democratic world, in the Alliance’s missions and operations.

“Their example of courage and devotion, the manner in which they served their country unconditionally, even at the cost of their own life, represent reference points of dignity and honour to us all. By the manner in which we shall know how to militate in the future for the values of our civilisation which they defended, we shall prove their sacrifice hasn’t been in vain,” President Klaus Iohannis also says.


MAE: Romania brings its own contribution to promoting NATO’s role as security provider


The Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) says that, 67 years after the establishment of NATO and 12 years after the accession to the Alliance, Romania reiterates the deep commitment to NATO’s principles and values, bringing its own contribution to the promotion of the Alliance’s role as global and regional security provider.

“All these years, Romania has won the respect of its allies and partners through its consistent contributions to meeting the Alliance’s objectives, materialised both in the participation in the allied operations and in the consistent involvement in the political, institutional and military processes and initiatives meant to consolidate the North Atlantic Alliance’s profile,” a MAE release sent to Agerpres on Sunday reads.

The Romanian diplomacy points out that Romania, as important regional linchpin, has granted a special importance to the security and European connection process of the neighbouring regions, the Western Balkans and the extended Black Sea region.

“The presence of Romanian military in the NATO missions and operations represents an additional proof of our country’s contribution to the allied efforts of consolidating the security and stability of the Euro-Atlantic space and of promoting the Euro-Atlantic values,” the release mentions.

In context, MAE brings homage to the Romanian military who died in the theatres of operations.

The Foreign Ministry also makes reference to the upcoming NATO Summit in Warsaw (July 8-9, 2016), stating that it is an important moment to the consolidation of the North Atlantic Alliance’s profile, occasioning both the evaluation on implementing the objectives assumed in the NATO Summit of 2014 and the long-term adaptation of the Alliance, for efficiently responding to the challenges of the current security environment coming from the eastern and southern vicinities.

“These are not, however, only NATO objectives, but represent priorities to the European Union also, and the NATO – EU partnership can become truly strategic by strengthening the dialogue and the cooperation of the two organisations aimed at anchoring the Western Balkans and Eastern Europe in the European democratic space. Starting from these aspects, the Foreign Affairs Ministry will intensify its diplomatic actions in the direction of shaping-up a comprehensive and long-term adaptation of NATO, with an enhanced ambition level, in the prospects of the Summit in Warsaw,” the release also mentions.


PM Ciolos: Current security challenges confirm need to strengthen NATO’s deterrence capacity


The security challenges in the region and worldwide have developed into a direction which confirms the need to strengthen NATO’s deterrence and defence capacity, including on the eastern flank, shows a message Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos sent on the occasion of celebrating NATO Day in Romania.

“We are marking today the NATO Day in Romania. After 12 years of being a member of the North Atlantic Alliance, Romania is an appreciated allied, actively participating in the consolidation of the Alliance. The security challenges in the region and worldwide have developed into a direction which confirms the need to strengthen NATO’s deterrence and defence capacity, including on the eastern flank. Romania has assumed a commitment and is ready to contribute to this objective, with concrete proposals, in the perspective of the NATO Summit to take place in July in Warsaw,” reads the PM’s message sent to Agerpres on Sunday.

Ciolos maintains that “making operational the European component of the US anti-missile system at Deveselu and its transfer to NATO are on schedule.”

“The presence of this system on Romanian soil and, implicitly, NATO’s presence mustn’t be interpreted as a threat against a certain country, but as a defensive system in front of some possible external threats. And, last but not least, the Government maintains the commitment made as a state, with the accession to NATO, of increasing the Army’s operational capacity, corroborated with the allotment of the necessary funds for the proper endowment of the Army, but also for improving the military’s qualify of life. Today it is the moment to thank all those who contributed through their efforts and professionalism to the respect Romania enjoys among allied states and bring homage to the sacrifice of the Romanian military who died in the line of duty in the NATO theatres of operations,” the Prime Minister underscores in his message.

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