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August 2, 2021

Unless PSD leaders apologise for the previous campaign, PNL’s Orban says he could boycott election debates

At a press conference on Sunday, Ludovic Orban, the National Liberal Party’s (PNL) candidate for the Bucharest City Hall, asked his contender Gabriela Firea and PSD President Liviu Dragnea to apologise publicly for the presidential campaign, saying their failure to do so would result in him mulling the boycotting of election debates.

“I am asking PSD President Liviu Dragnea and the PSD candidate (Gabriela Vranceanu Firea – editor’s note) to publicly apologise to Romanians. I warn them that I do not plan to tolerate their usual dirty campaign. That won’t work with me, I will respond to every lie, every calumny, every defamation attempt,” Orban stated.

Ludovic Orban added that he is taking into account the “extreme measure” of not taking part in any debate with Firea, unless PSD publicly apologises.

“I am taking into account also the measure of not taking part in any debate with the PSD candidate, unless they apologise. (…) I am waiting for an official position from PSD, from the PSD leader, who, let me remind you, was the head of the elections campaign, and the PSD candidate was the spokesperson of the presidential campaign. We’re not talking about minor characters from PSD,” he said.

Ludovic Orban said that during the presidential campaign the members of PSD “tossed live and dead hens in PNL’s courtyard,” slandered Klaus Iohhanis by accusing him of child trafficking, by claiming he is not suitable for the office because he is childless (statement made by Gabriela Vranceanu Firea – editor’s note) and that he would cut pensions.


PSD’s Firea: Boycotting elections is a pretext for Orban, so as not to be compared to me


Gabriela Firea, Social Democrat Party’s (PSD) candidate for the Bucharest City Hall, stated on Sunday, in reply to her Liberal contender’s announcement, that it is “just a pretext” for him to avoid an elections debate.

“It’s a pretext in order for Bucharesters not to be able to assess him by comparing him to me in a debate. Ever since he is a candidate, Mr. Orban has been engaging solely in petty political statements and has not informed Bucharesters about his intentions in what concerns a better life for them,” Firea said, according to a communiqué remitted to Mediafax.

Firea also stated that Orban was former Bucharest Mayor Adriean Videanu’s right hand man and that “he falls within the same logic of lack of projects.”

“The PSD local elections team is coming up with concrete solutions, just as it did in government. Mr. Orban, the colleague of those who cut pensions and salaries, falls within the same logic of the lack of projects and vision for Bucharest. He was the right hand man of Mr. Videanu (PDL) and that says it all,” Firea said, according to the aforementioned source.

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