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January 20, 2022

PM Ciolos announces Government debate on wages bill

The Government will discuss in its Wednesday’s sitting a draft law on public employees’ wages, Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos announced on Monday; he mentioned two working versions of this bill.

“Firstly we have this solution of mobilizing budget resources until 2020, limited as they are, and see what we can do on it, and consider a four-year law based on a minimum wage; and from that point up, see how and where we can re-balance things; or a different approach, also seriously considered. To the extent we think we cannot propose a realistic, multiannual law on public employees’ wages, standing chances of application, we’ll see what we can do over the next year, with the resources we know we can mobilize through the budget draft we will propose, and come up at least with this first stage of re-balancing. The next Government and next Parliament will have to consider a continuation of this approach, depending on what they assume also in terms of budget policy,” Ciolos told the representatives of the Association of Romanian Municipalities.

The premier explained the delay in the presentation of this bill by the unrealistic approach of the previous government, in terms of budget resources. “That project’s ambition was way beyond the budget can support over the next years, until 2020. (…) I wouldn’t want us to come up with a draft law, adopt it, and then see it share the fate of the 2010 bill, which (…) was not implemented,” he said.

According to Ciolos, any relevant legislative proposal will aim at increasing the wages for some categories of public employees, precisely to provide a new balance.


Ciolos says AgriMin Irimescu should assume statements since he had no mandate from government


Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos on Monday said that the Agriculture Minister Achim Irimescu should assume the statements he has made and for which he had no mandate from the government.

“Mr. Irimescu has to assume his statements. As for me, I’m interested firstly in what Mr. Irimescu is doing. I told him that he has to speed up the payment process of subsidies to launch the rural development programme; these are the topics I’m interested in. The rest of his personal statements are not made on behalf of the government, since he had no mandate, he didn’t inform the government about these things. These are personal statements he will assume,” Ciolos said at an unrelated event.

The premier’s comments concerned Irimescu’s recent assertion that some 35 billion euro were taken out of the country “by truck” during the tenure of former President Traian Basescu.


” We are either very flexible, or more Catholic than the Pope”


Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos said Monday that he is ready to start up a conversation on incompatibilities of the local elected officials to see what incompatibilities could be repealed and what incompatibilities should be kept in place to avoid corruption risks.

“About the statutes of the public servants and clarifications over office incompatibilities, I have already told you: I am ready to open this Pandora’s box, as you know this is a very delicate matter. (…) In Romania, we switch from one extreme to the other very easily. We are either very flexible or more Catholic than the Pope when it comes to certain things. Let us be honest with ourselves: there have been instances of abuses that became rapidly known and therefore the distrust of the everyday people overall when it comes to vesting more responsibilities with the elected officials. Amidst this distrust, we will have to separate the wheat from the chaff to see what incompatibilities should stay (…) and what incompatibilities should go because their repeal would be logic and normal, but that entails (…) responsibilities and particularly transparency. (…) I believe that where we do not have to hide and things are clear, it is important that with the repeal of incompatibilities a higher degree of transparency over how the local elected officials undertake their responsibilities should be included,” Ciolos told a meeting with officials of Romania’s Association of Municipalities.

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