Pope Francis wants to visit Romania

Monsignor Miguel Maury Buendia, the Apostolic Nuncio to Romania, has confirmed for Digi24 that Pope Francis wants to visit our country. President Klaus Iohannis extended the invitation last year and, if it becomes a reality, it would be the second Papal visit to Romania after Pope John Paul II’s historic visit in 1999.

“Less than one month ago, I talked with the Pope, knowing he was invited, I asked him about a possible visit here. He told me: I would like to come. I hope things will go well and my visit would help the unity of all Romanians. That is why I hope this visit will be possible. As an ambassador of the Pope, I will do everything possible and I will work with the authorities, with the Orthodox Church, with the Catholic Church, in order for this visit to take place,” the Apostolic legate stated in an exclusive interview with Digi24’s Sanda Nicola.

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