Management plan of Prosecutor General nominee Lazar: Central goal – fighting crime in cross-level vulnerable areas

Fighting crime in cross-level vulnerable areas is the central goal of the management plan of Augustin Lazar, the candidate for head of the Public Prosecution Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice, a document put up this Monday for public debate by the Superior Council of Magistrates (CSM).

“The project is aimed at giving a vigorous boost to the managerial activity in the direction of the priority objectives, continuing the current participatory and efficient management (…) by the expeditious settlement of the cases of particular relevance to the work of the Public Prosecution Office and the improvement of quality indicators. The goals of the plan envisage strengthening the positive results obtained, maintaining efficiency in the institution’s activity and ensuring continuity in institutional management. The central goal remains fighting with professionalism and impartiality crime in cross-level vulnerable areas: corruption, public procurement fraud, tax evasion and tax fraud, smuggling, conflict of interests, which all have a significant impact on public resources and the population’s standards of living,” is set forth in Augustin Lazar’s plan.

According to the same source, the main lines of action will be to consolidate progress in fighting corruption in the local administration, conducting effective investigations in cases that concern money laundering and tax evasion, but also crimes against humanity, like the cases on the June 1990 miners’ riot or the 1989 Revolution.

Other lines of action refer to measures for the combat of forest offences, rendering judicial practice uniform and handling the large workload.

For a better management activity, further steps are planned to create a separate judicial police structure dedicated to criminal investigation activities, the secondment to the Public Prosecution Office of the necessary police force for the enforcement of the technical surveillance warrants, the fair assignment of the tasks within the various departments and the efficient use of the anti-fraud inspectors seconded to the prosecution offices.


Augustin Lazar’s CSM interview for appointment as Prosecutor General set on April 21


The Prosecutors Section of the Superior Council of the Magistrates (CSM) established on Monday the schedule for examining the proposal of the Minister of Justice to approve Augustin Lazar’s appointment as Romania’s Prosecutor General, deciding that the job interview with CSM shall take place on April 21.

According to a CSM release, the institution’s Prosecutors Section decided that the activities for the approval of the JusMin’s proposal shall take place according to the following calendar: April 4 – submission of the candidate’s management project to public debate and checks on the candidacy; April 21 – review of the results of the previous steps and the candidate’s interview; April 22 – referral of CSM’s decision to the Ministry of Justice.

The approval procedure takes place in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 303/2004 on the statutes of judges and prosecutors, Law No. 317/2004 on the Superior Council of the Magistrates, the CSM Decision No.193 / 2006 and the decisions of the Prosecutors Section that set in place the criteria, sub-criteria and benchmarks for the standards for the assessment of the interview and works of the candidates for management positions.

Minister of Justice Raluca Pruna last week sent to the Superior Council of Magistrates the proposal for the appointment of Augustin Lazar, currently prosecutor general with the Alba Iulia Court of Appeal, as head of the Public Prosecution Office.

According to the Justice Minister, during her dialogue with Augustin Lazar the latter proved that he “has the necessary managerial vision, determination and authority to reform and strengthen the Public Prosecution Office.”

In proposing Lazar for the position, the Minister of Justice considered his fulfilling the criteria of integrity, uninterrupted length of service with the Public Prosecution Office, relevant professional and managerial experience and decision-making capacity.

Romania’s Prosecutor General is appointed by the President, at the proposal of the Minister of Justice, with the approval of the Superior Council of the Magistrates and is picked from the prosecutors who served at least 10 years as judge or prosecutor; the job’s tenure is 3 years with the possibility to be renewed once.

The Justice Ministry started off the recruitment of Romania’s next Prosecutor General on February 17, as the office remained vacant following previous office-holder Tiberiu Nitu’s resignation.

The resignation came amidst his name having been linked to a scandal regarding the use of official motorcades.


“This plan is developed according to public policies in the field of justice, by capitalizing on tested management methods and techniques that have proven themselves as values of organizational culture. It is also aimed at adjusting the strategy to the new challenges resulting from social development, cooperation in the European judicial space and the new manifestations of crime at national and European level,” reads the document.

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