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March 25, 2023

Revolution file, reopened by General Prosecutors’ Office

Interim general prosecutor Bogdan Licu announced on Tuesday the reopening of the file on the Revolution of 1989 that led to the murder of the Ceausescu couple and the overturning of the Communist regime. Licu mentioned that the “write-off of criminal responsibility did not intervene” and expressed hope that the “resolution would be confirmed by the High Court of Cassation and Justice.”

No archive documents were taken into account, necessary autopsies were not performed and the way the inquiry was carried out was incomplete, Licu claimed.

“We ordered the reopening of the criminal investigation in this cause. We discovered that the solution to close the file was unfounded and illegal, as it was based on incomplete investigation. The legal classification of the offences was mistaken and baffled the seeking of the truth”, Licu declared.

“Although SRI had issued a huge document referring to December 1989, it is not included in the criminal investigation file and there is nothing to prove that any attempt was made to gain this document. Also, there were no actions undertaken to gain documents by public institutions.

There were no autopsies made and no justification was provided for this lack of action. The ammunition used to fire shots on the respective persons was not recovered. They only established the type of ammunition”, the interim General Prosecutor mentioned.

Moreover, the way the inquiry was performed fails to fulfil ECHR regulations, he added. “ECHR established that the manipulation of the legal classification if events in order to gain write-off terms is a violation of objectives and purpose”, Licu declared. Moreover, according to the interim general prosecutor, no external elements were taken into account.

“There was no real concern for unveiling the truth on events of December 1989. No external elements were taken into account, although they have contributed to the fall of communist regimes in Eastern Europe. Prosecutors failed to take into account all existing reports and testimonials. They failed to seek the report of the Senate Committee that has performed thousands of interviews and collected numerous documents. Although SRI has issued a document concerning the events of 1989, it is nowhere to be found in any file. No required activities were performed to establish the conditions for starting fire in each case. Evaluation reports are superficial”, Bogdan Licu explained.

“The legal classification of offences was mistaken, which baffled the quest to find out the truth and the offenders, as well as the offenders behind the offenders”, the interim General Prosecutor declared.

On March 14, Bogdan Licu declared that he was interested whether there were stenography notes of interviews in the two Senate committees that investigated the events of December 1989, and even sent a request on the Parliament on this matter.

“I ordered the organisation of a group of prosecutors checking the rhythm of criminal investigations in the file. Investigating, I noted that in 90-91 and in 92-96 there were two Senate committees that issued a report concerning events in December. I am interested whether there are stenography notes of interviews in the Senate”, interim General Prosecutor Bogdan Licu explained his request to the Senate.

His request was denied though by the Permanent Bureau on claims that demanded documents were classified, as pointed out by the Social-Democrat Vice-President of the Senate, Ioan Chelaru who explained that a special authorisation was needed in order to gain access to classified information.

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