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May 18, 2021

Horse Eye widens their portfolio of leadership seminars based on direct interaction with horses

When one hears the words “horses” and “leadership” pronounced in the same sentence, they probably cannot help wondering what is the connection between them.

George and Corina Leca, internationally qualified trainers in horse-assisted education launch a brand new challenge by organizing leadership seminars based on interaction with horses, which fully proves the strong bond between horses and leadership. More precisely, they invite people interested in this challenge to discover themselves through the eyes of horses, highly intelligent, empathetic and sensitive animals. Respectively, to experience, acknowledge and improve their own leading qualities in a seminar that features horses as trainers, showing attendants their strong and their weak points.

In an event hosted on Wednesday by the Club Equestria, George and Corina offered the audience the chance of an inspired morning outdoors, by the side of horses. They introduced the principles and essence of leadership, as deciphered by horses, to their audience, and offered a practical demonstration based on the attendance of six beautiful stallions.

Thus, they announced that Horse Eye launches three new seminars dedicated to leaders and their teams, reproducing the principle of the successful seminar Transformational Leadership, the first leadership seminar facilitated by horses ever held in Romania.

It is based exclusively on experience-based learning and on direct interaction with horses and it aims the adaptation of companies to change, project management and, respectively, personal development.

“93 per cent of our day-to-day communication is non-verbal and yet, 99% of traditional classes are only based on verbal communication”, George Leca, Appreciative Inquirer at Horse Eye says.

“Moreover, 90 per cent of what we study at usual training sessions is forgotten in no more than a month. Based on these two conclusions, we counted on the emotional relationship that can be established between people and horses, a relationship almost fully based on non-verbal language, as it is proven that emotions pin down information in long-term memory. Horses are highly intelligent learning partners that provide instant and honest feedback and help participants know themselves better but also discover how other people perceive them.”

Horse Eye is a member of EAHAE – the European Association for Horse Assisted Education and is a company that provides experience-based learning, and organizes the only business and leadership seminars in Romania that use horses as facilitators. The learning methods used are at the junction of several fields and branches of psychology, including emotional intelligence, horse-assisted education, the Appreciative Inquiry pattern of company change, mindfulness, non-verbal language and project management and leadership training sessions.


Horse Eye seminars use a mix of techniques considered essential for today’s leaders, as well as for people endowed with leadership perspectives: emotional intelligence, mindfulness (the capacity to live consciously in the present) and the Appreciative Inquiry pattern of change.

“The traditional approach for changing a company is to seek issues, analyse them and find solutions”, George Leca explains.

“It means they focus on mistakes or on things that do not work within the organisation. But, when we keep seeking issues, we will certainly find them. When we pay attention to problems, they are exactly what we highlight.  Appreciative Inquiry is a method of change and reshape of organizations that consists in seeking things that work and positive things in people and companies. The tangible result of the Appreciative Inquiry process is building a future for the organization that is based on the experiences that have brought success in the past.”

The practical learning methods are strictly based on  direct exercises with horses, inspired by concrete situations of the business environment. Thus, earned skills may be applied by attendants in the organizations they are coming from, in real situations. Horse Eye seminars create authentic leaders and develop self conscience, abilities of communication and empathy, the capacity to reach efficient decisions or to correctly distribute roles in a team.

Each of the three new seminars in the portfolio of  Horse Eye requires one or two days and groups of ten to twelve persons, which allow an individual analysis of their interaction with horses and establishing connections between them and professional everyday situations.

  •  Easy Organisational Change – change management seminar, destined to remove fear of change and help people assume change within the company;
  • The Secret Anatomy of Projects – technical seminar for professionals in Strategy and Project Management departments or people who are occasionally in a position to manage projects. Attendants will find out the fundamental aspects in the execution of projects and will be granted an opportunity to optimize a project or a real program of their choice
  • Equine Constellation – personal development seminar presenting a method of alternative therapy by relieving tensions accumulated in human interactions. The positive results of this method are attributed to empathy and to the power of self-suggestion.

The first format of seminar created by Horse Eye and launched in 2013 was already followed by over 700 persons of over 50 companies active in Romania, both local and international ones.




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