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June 22, 2021

Nicusor Dan, the candidate for Bucharest Mayoralty two ladies are battling for

Nicusor Dan, the candidate to Bucharest Mayor from behalf of Save Bucharest Union (USB), is presently aimed by the strongest women of parties PSD and PNL. Liberal Co-chair Alina Gorghiu has declared by the end of last week that he would better join PNL in running for Mayor, mentioning that he had scarce chances on his own. She failed, nonetheless, to bring up an offer for Nicusor Dan.

“I am confident that Mr. Dan will understand, with due respect I pay to his party, that he has scarce chances to win the Mayoralty of Bucharest. And then, allow me not to understand why we are unable to reach an agreement in the right wing of Bucharest political scene and join forces around  Ludovic Orban, who has the greatest chances to win over Bucharest. He is the only candidate able to win over the opponent supported by PSD”, Gorghiu declared for Pro TV.

On the other hand, the PSD candidate to the Mayoralty of Bucharest, Gabriela Firea, was far more generous. She declared she had offered the USB leader the position of Vice-Mayor, was she to win the race.

“I would love a Vice-Mayor such as Nicusor Dan. (…) I followed his activity and it is to be appreciated that he is relentless in pointing out issues of Bucharest. He does not own the force of PSD or PNL, but he is well positioned in opinion polls, I carefully follow his projects, I hope he gets a position in the General Council and I will be the first to hold out my hand”, the PSD nominee declared for Adevarul Live, in her first interview after being officially announced as a candidate.

Firea mentioned in another interview, on Sunday, for Digi24, that, despite of the fact that her proposal was refused by Nicusor Dan, she maintained her offer, nonetheless.

The USB leader stated that negotiations with the main political parties on the perspective of local elections in Bucharest are useless and such proposals are a way to “attract the fondness” of Dan’s electorate. “I do not think though that they would be so easy to impress”, Dan confidently revealed.

Moreover, in a more nuanced position, Nicusor Dan explained that he would not indulge in a decorative position as Vice-Mayor, as “attributions are established by the General Council and, therefore, volatile, as they depend on the political majority that can change at any time.

According to an opinion poll organised by Sociopol last month, Nicusor Dan has 18 – 19 percent of voting intentions were he to run on his own and over 40 per cent were he to be supported by right wing parties in his battle against Gabriela Firea.

Yet, as PNL is placing their bets on Ludovic Orban and seems not to be disposed to negotiate in flexible terms, and the USB leader is not interested in electoral alliances either, he has yet to find ways to earn some more votes.

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