House lost in court by Iohannis family: Request to strike it off from the Land Registry reaches Cadastral Office

The Sibiu Cadastre and Real Estate Publicity Office (OCPI) received the request to strike off from the Land Registry the ownership right of the Iohannis family over the house they lost in court last year, official sources told Agerpres on Thursday.

“Today at noon (on Thursday) we received the official documents from the Sibiu Public Finance Administration. The documents were registered with the Sibiu Cadastre Office; there is an appeal deadline set for April 18, and an appeal will probably be filed, and after this the documents will probably go to the registrar general and then to court,” sources from OCPI Sibiu said.

President Klaus Iohannis’ family lost ownership over a house in downtown Sibiu under a final ruling of the Brasov Court of Appeal, which dismissed in November 2015 the appeal filed by Klaus and Carmen Iohannis to a May 2014 decision of the Brasov Tribunal that was cancelling a contract for the sale of the building in Sibiu.

The house at No. 29 Nicolae Balcescu Street in Sibiu entered the state’s ownership after the previous owners died apparently without heirs. In 1997 the building was bought by its tenants, but in 1999 these acquisition contracts were canceled in court at the request of a relative of the former deceased landlords. The Iohannis couple bought the building from this family, but the tenants opened a lawsuit, challenging the seller’s rightful ownership and seeking the cancellation of the contracts under which the Iohannis family had acquired possession of the building.

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