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March 29, 2023

Liberal co-chair Blaga asks PM Ciolos to depoliticize administration

The Liberals are asking Premier Dacian Ciolos to depoliticize the administration, co-chair of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Vasile Blaga said on Saturday at the launch of the party’s Alba County candidates for the local elections in June.

“We have a government which we support – I’d say rather unconditionally. Together with Ms.[co-chair] Gorghiu and with the other colleagues, we assured Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos of our support. We don’t want anything in exchange, just to see him depoliticize the administration. And today, we offer our honest support, not like Social-Democrat Dragnea, who claims to be in the opposition but has the whole country under his administration, and a party fellow deputy PM. He has almost all the Secretaries of state, almost all heads of agencies in his hand. Vertically he controls everything in decentralized structures (…) Our plea with Premier Dacian Ciolos, however, is to depoliticize the administration in the time that’s still left,” said the Liberal co-chair.

Vasile Blaga also recommended the Premier “to send home” the ministers who do a poor job, naming in this context Agriculture minister Achim Irimescu, whom he accused of blundering frequently.

Blaga said that all that PNL wants are fair elections to win in June and this autumn. “These elections are extremely important to us because they will lay the groundwork for the upcoming [parliamentary] elections. And that’s why (…) in autumn we want to be in the block starts, because we need a government led by Liberals, where the PNL finally plays first violin,” he said.

PNL co-chairs Alina Gorghiu and Vasile Blaga participated on Saturday, at the Unions Culture House in Alba Iulia, in the unveiling of the party’s Alba candidates for the local elections. Blaga encouraged the candidates to score high so as to compensate for other counties where the party performance is less favorable.

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