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September 25, 2021

Foreign Minister Comanescu about new ambassadors: I will take measures if they have no results, the economic dimension will matter

Foreign Affairs Minister Lazar Comanescu claims he will not hesitate to take the appropriate measures if the new ambassadors fail to perform at the level of expectations, warning at the same time that the economic dimension will matter more than it did before.

“Romanian ambassadors have to be aware of the fact that the economic dimension, results in the economic domain, will matter more than they did before in appraising the results of their assignments. (…) First of all, those who are assigned to represent Romania in one region or another have to know Romania’s economic trump cards very well. Secondly, those who are assigned have to understand very well the economic mechanism in the countries they are assigned to and have to inform themselves. It’s very good to directly support economic agents, but in order to support Romanian authorities in drafting medium and long-term policies on developing economic relations with one region or another there is the need to benefit from the projection of developments in one country or another and from the opportunities opening up for our country, and the role played by those whom we assign there is very important in this case. Our diplomats have to directly support the representatives of the Romanian business community, who are themselves looking for opportunities,” Comanescu stated on Saturday evening on Digi24.

Referring to the list of 19 ambassadors, list forwarded by Klaus Iohannis to Parliament on Thursday, he pointed out that most of them are career diplomats, young but experienced, with “some small exceptions.”

“In the cases in which we are dealing with persons, personalities, who know a certain region, a certain country very well, who are well known in that region, who, through the political activity they carried out at domestic or external levels, in international relations, within international institutions, obviously in such cases it is very well to have diplomats that do not necessarily fall within the category of career diplomats but who, I repeat, proved, through everything they did, the capacity to have results at the highest level in this domain,” the Foreign Minister explained the presence, on the list, of persons who are not career diplomats, such as presidential aide Dan Mihalache.

Comanescu warned that he would not hesitate to take measures if those that will be assigned in office will not live up to expectations.

“Nobody is perfect, but there are many perfectible things and I took this into account even in these situations, I actually saw some comments on this issue, I’m saying this with all responsibility and I take responsibility for it, if they turn out to be below expectations I will not hesitate to take the appropriate measures. I have to say that, despite all efforts made by my predecessors, when it comes to the human resources policy there is a lot of room for improvement,” the Romanian Foreign Minister stated, adding that “it’s good to substantially lower the size of assignments within the Foreign Ministry.”

At least 19 persons nominated by President Klaus Iohannis for the offices of Romanian ambassadors will be heard on Monday and Tuesday, Ben-Oni Ardelean, the secretary of the Senate’s Foreign Policy Commission, stated for Mediafax.

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