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June 25, 2022

Cinepolitica 2016 opens with a movie about the 3rd Reich conviction

“People vs. Fritz Bauer” (directed by Lars Kraume), an impact historical thriller, staging the obstacles that a prosecutor has to pass to convict one of the biggest Holocaust responsible, will open the fifth Edition of the Cinepolitica International Film Festival, that will be held April 13-17 at Cinema Elvira Popesco.

Fritz Bauer is, without any doubt, one of the forgotten heroes of the 20th century. In a time when the impact of the horrors of the World War II were present in all the life matters, a German lawyer having Hebrew descent starts his own hunting in order to bring justice to the millions of the Holocaust victims. His main goal is to apprehend Adolf Eichmann, one of the architects of the “Final Solution”, but he is stuck by a system which is still infested by former Nazi people. They disguise in State reformers and harass Bauer, relying on his own secrets. “People vs. Fritz Bauer” is a powerful and profound drama, with a flawless performance and a story line full of well known names, titles and characters: the CIA, the Mossad, the German Federal Intelligence Service, Konrad Adenauer or Mercedes-Benz. For his ideals, Fritz Bauer lives under a huge pressure, with his life being constantly threatened. The German Film Critics Award and the Audience Award at the Locarno Festival show that the interest for a historical subject of a planetary magnitude is still alive and fresh.

For the first time, Cinepolitica will bring new movies with political subjects, and it will mark, within a debate, one of the hottest issues of the moment: terrorism. Such a movie is “Made in France: Inside the Cell”, presenting the story of a French-Algerian man which infiltrates a Jihadist terrorist cell, in order to gather essential information directly from the source. The newest movie of Amos Gitai, “Yitzak Rabin, the Las Day”, winner of two awards at Venice 2015, is also subscribed to Cinepolitica. Yugoslavian wars, a subject which is brought to our attention again due to recent condemnation of Radovan Karadzic to 40 years of prison for the Srebrenica genocide, is marked within the Festival through “Fratele Dejan”/”Brat Deyan” movie, directed by Bakur Bakuradze.


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