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October 3, 2022

PM Ciolos: Romania needs reform of public administration

Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos says that Romania cannot get modern and fight corruption efficiently unless it reforms its central and local public administration.

“There are lately several question marks about the state’s efficiency, about the confidence in the political class and I believe that this is a topic where would all have something to win; that, through this reform of the public administration, by increasing the efficiency, the transparency of the public administration, through the professionalization of the public administration, by clarifying its relationship with politics, we win back the citizen’s confidence in the state and we start again a process of modernizing the state. Romania cannot get modern and improve economically, cannot eliminate corruption consistently unless it reforms the local and central public administration,” Ciolos told the plenum of the Chamber of Deputies on Monday’s ‘Prime Minister’s Hour’ debate.

The prime minister insisted upon the relationship between a transparent and professional public administration and the effectiveness of the fight against corruption.

“In vain we have economic development projects with potential, in vain we have the country’s economic potential to capitalize if we don’t have a public administration able to back this economic development project with a role of the state clearly defined (…) The anti-corruption fight risks to become the main instrument of modernizing the state, whereas the fight against corruption should only be a tool to heal the society. And yet, if the anti-corruption fight is not followed closely by a public administration’s reform oriented to transparency and professionalization, we only risk to stay with the stressing of the corruption cases without correcting the problems from their root. And this is what the public administration’s reform wants to do: prevent the corruption issues and correct them at their root by redefining the framework where the public administration works,” Ciolos added.

The theme of the political debate in the Chamber of Deputies was precisely ‘The public administration’s reform.’


Ciolos proposes three scenarios for relationship between political decision and administrative execution


The Government is proposing for debate three scenarios for reforming the public administration to refine the relationship between the political decision and the administrative execution, Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos told the Chamber of Deputies on Monday’s ‘Prime Minister’s Hour’ debate.

In the first scenario, prefects and their deputies would be appointed on political decisions, just like the ministers and secretaries of state, and be replaced when the government changes; prefecture general secretaries would be high civil servants recruited through administrative procedures based on competencies.

The second scenario involves political nominations down to directors-general, heads of agencies and managers of decentralized institutions. According to Ciolos, this would result in building bodies of public servants within parties, and it would actually officialise the existing system. Once admitted into the system through an examination, administration professionals could be recruited by parties and help drafting governing programmes.

A third scenario refers to an improved status-quo, with the effective application of the current legislation; it would eliminate temporary appointments, and the body of high public officers would be strengthened, offering a pool for recruiting managers strictly based on competency and professional criteria.


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