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October 20, 2021

PNL’s Blaga: Let PSD come up with a proper man and we’ll vote for him in the Senate. Tariceanu, a brazen populist

National Liberal Party (PNL) Co-President Vasile Blaga stated on Saturday in Alba Iulia that the Liberals do not want the Senate Speaker position, calling on the Social Democrats “to come up with a proper man,” pointing out that the Liberals would vote for him, and stating that Tariceanu is “a brazen populist.”

Vasile Blaga stated at a press conference that neither him nor Teodor Atanasiu want the Senate Speaker position, but they want to have Calin Popescu Tariceanu replaced because he is not doing his duty.

“Does Atanasiu want the Senate Speaker position, does Blaga want it? I stated very clearly than neither Atanasiu nor I want the Senate Speaker position. Nor will we run for this office. Let PSD come up with a proper man and take it over, because we will vote for him as long as Tariceanu is not doing his duty,” Blaga said.

The PNL Co-President added that the Liberals have collected the signatures needed for the dismissal of Tariceanu and want to replace him “every second” because he is “a brazen populist.”

“We want to replace Mr. Tariceanu at the Senate’s helm and we want it every second, based on entirely different reasons. He is a brazen populist. You can see his actions toward the judiciary every day. If he were to do that from the ALDE headquarters, no problem, he is a party president, the party has its own approach toward the state, toward state institutions,” Blaga pointed out.

Blaga added that Tariceanu is using the Senate in order to promote his ideas and party.


 “Some ministers should learn to shut up too”


At a press conference in Sibiu on Friday, Vasile Blaga stated that some members of the Ciolos Government should learn “to shut up too,” referring, among others, to the Agriculture Minister, the Mediafax correspondent informs.

At a press conference in Sibiu, Vasile Blaga was asked for his opinion on the results registered by the members of the Dacian Ciolos Government and whether a government reshuffle is called for. Blaga answered that some ministers “should learn to shut up too,” referring, among others, to the Agriculture Minister who “managed to make three silly statements in two weeks.”

“When we decided to back the Ciolos Government, in the talks we had with the designated Premier at the time, both Ms. Gorghiu and I told him we wish him good luck and we want him to depoliticize the administration. We do not have ministers in the government, or ministers that are former members of our party. We do not have secretaries of state or agency directors either, and this sets us apart from Mr. Dragnea and PSD, who every day clamour they are allegedly in the opposition but all structures except the Government are in their hands, both at central and local levels. From this point of view, we leave it up to him to appreciate whether all of his government colleagues are doing their duty or not. On the other hand, we are interested in the results of this Government, even though we do not have members in the Government, after all the main party that will foot the bill will be the National Liberal Party, and that is why I told him that some ministers should be more careful with the way they promote their actions in the offices they hold, and others maybe in many cases should learn to shut up too, because I’ve seen the Agriculture Minister, and gave him as an example, who managed to make three silly statements in two weeks. I’ve told him in fact that if he was a political minister the party would have replaced him the very next day,” Vasile Blaga stated in Sibiu on Friday.

Blaga added that the Premier has to decide on the reshuffling and those who do not like his decision can resign.

“Only the Premier decides, that is why he’s Premier. There is no voting in the Government, all decisions are adopted through consensus, if you don’t like the Premier’s final decision you can write your resignation. Beyond that, the Premier is the one who appraises the ministers’ activity,” Vasile Blaga added.


Liberal co-chair Gorghiu: PNL to foot the bill for Ciolos Government’s entire clumsiness


In her turn, MP Alina Gorghiu, PNL Co-President, stated that PNL will foot the bill for Ciolos Government’s entire clumsiness.

“We are the Government’s only loyal partner at parliamentary level. Do not forget that there is a triangle that has to operate at optimal parameters, and this triangle consists of President Klaus Iohannis, who proposed a technocrat government led by Prime Minister Ciolos, the National Liberal Party, and this Government. The responsibility is obviously the Government’s, but at the same time it is ours too, we are footing the bill for all the clumsiness that this Government is and will be showing. However, I hope that Prime Minister Ciolos understood how fragile his mission is, given that he will continue to rely on a populist PSD that colonized, throughout time, the whole central and local administration and all decentralized bodies in Romania,” Co-President Gorghiu stated in Sibiu, stating that PNL is not the one setting the reshuffling’s agenda.

Gorghiu added that PSD’s attitude is of blackmail toward the Government and could lead to the failure of economic stability in Romania.

“This blackmail exerted by PSD, doubled by all those populist actions in Parliament, which only serve to lead to a failure of economic stability in Romania under Ciolos’ term, should be very serious question marks for the Prime Minister. We, the members of the National Liberal Party, assure him of all good faith and of construction this year, which means a period of difficult transition toward a political Government with a stable majority in the Romanian Parliament,” Alina Gorghiu added.




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