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January 24, 2022

Predoiu about PNL Bucharest lists: 20 pc youth, 30 pc women, 10 pc seniors

Catalin Predoiu, president of the National Liberal Party’s (PNL) Bucharest branch, stated on Friday that 20 percent of the candidates for Bucharest district local councils and the General Council of the Bucharest Municipality (CGMB) will be members of National Liberal Youth’s (TNL) Bucharest branch, 30 percent will be women and 10 percent seniors, stating that they will all sign the integrity statements requested by “Clean Romania.”

“We have decided that on the lists of candidates for district local councils and CGMB we will have at least 20 percent young people promoted by TNL, of course on eligible places. I emphasise that these places are not the only ones occupied by young politicians, the 20 percent quota is allocated for TNL members,” Predoiu announced, stating that the decision was adopted with unanimous votes at PNL Bucharest’s Political Bureau meeting.

The Liberals asked both the presidents of PNL branches as well as those of other parties to undertake such a commitment, stating that this is “the correct answer” that PNL gives “to the citizens who asked for the renewal of the political class.”

Catalin Predoiu stated that the list of candidates for local elections in Bucharest will respect the gender quota principle – 30 percent women –, also pointing out that 10 percent of the candidates backed by PNL will be seniors.

The candidates for local elections in Bucharest will also have to sign the integrity statement requested by the “Clean Romania” Coalition of NGOs, as well as the statement in line with the integrity criteria adopted by PNL, according to the decision taken by PNL Bucharest’s Political Bureau.

Catalin Predoiu has asked the presidents of Bucharest district branches to take responsibility, politically, for the selection of candidates based on these criteria.

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