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August 8, 2022

President Iohannis starts consultations with parliamentary parties on national security laws

President Klaus Iohannis will start consultations on Tuesday with the parliamentary parties on the national security laws.

The Social Democrat Party (PSD) representatives are scheduled to be at the Cotroceni Palace (seat of the Presidential Administration) starting with 10am, followed by the National Liberal Party (PNL) officials at 11am, and by the Hungarian Democrat Union of Romania (UDMR) representatives at 12pm; on Wednesday, the National Union for Romania’s Progress (UNPR) is expected at 10am, followed by the the Romanian Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) at 11am, and the parliamentary group of ethnic minorities (other than Hungarian) at noon.

Delegations are limited to five persons.

The PSD’s delegation headed by Liviu Dragnea will participate in the talks with a very clear mandate on the national security laws, Bucharest chapter interim leader Gabriela Firea announced last week.

The PNL’s delegation headed by the two co-chairs – Alina Gorghiu and Vasile Blaga – will include secretary general Ilie Bolojan, first-vice president Catalin Predoiu and spokesperson Ionut Stroe, who has recently said that the improvement of the national security legislation became a goal for the entire political class, especially in the context of the terrorist threat faced by Europe and implicitly by Romania.

UNPR president Valeriu Steriu confirmed participation of a party’s delegation and adding that his party will definitely have “some things to add” to these laws.

UDMR leader Hunor Kelemen mentioned that his formation will participate in the consultations, since “at any rate, this dispute, ‘security v freedom’, must not lead to the point where freedom or fundamental rights are sacrificed. Security is important to each citizen, to each community, to each country, in particular when threats exist of the kind of which unfortunately all Europe, and not only, is confronted with. Yet, we couldn’t sacrifice on security’s shrine everything that means fundamental rights and freedoms. A solution should be found by which each citizens’s security and the security of the community can be ensured.”

The ALDE delegation to will include the co-chairs Calin Popescu-Tariceanu and Daniel Constantin, alongside Teodor Melescanu and the two heads of the ALDE parliamentary groups in the Senate and in the Chamber of Deputies, Daniel Barbu and Bogdan Ciuca.

President Klaus Iohannis had announced last week talks on the national security legislation with Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos on Monday, followed by consultations on Tuesday and Wednesday with all the parliamentary parties.


 PSD head Dragnea before consultations with President Iohannis: Citizens’ rights must stay unaffected


The Social Democratic Party (PSD) supports the integrative capacity of the Romanian state, but at the same time, the citizens’ fundamental rights must stay unaffected, considers Social-Democratic leader Liviu Dragnea in connection with the mandate entrusted to the PSD delegation that will go on Tuesday to consultations on the national security laws called by President Iohannis at the Cotroceni Palace.

“Tomorrow we’ll have a discussion about this package of laws that is very important. As I said before, the principles we pursue are very simple: the Romanian state’s investigative capacities must be preserved and strengthened, taking into account the unfortunate realities in our vicinity and also in other parts of the world. At the same time, the citizen’s fundamental rights must stay unaffected. At least as regards the three laws that will be discussed tomorrow, we have a well-defined point of view to present the President, which we’ll make public after the meeting,” Dragnea said on Monday.

Asked if he has received a draft of the three laws, Dragnea said that he only got an invitation.

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