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May 17, 2021

Green light for political parties to file candidacies for local elections

The political parties, the electoral alliances, the citizens’ organisations belonging to the national minorities and the independent candidates can file their candidacies for the local councils, mayors and county councils starting with Monday, 11 April.

Filing bids for local councils , mayors and county councils has started the same day the Court of Appeal discussed the National Liberal Party (PNL) complaint on the election of mayors in two rounds.

According to the local elections’ calendar, candidacies could be submitted by April 26 the latest and will stay final on 4 May.

Likewise, no later than 12 April the Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP) should communicate the number of voters as resulted from the electoral Register and from the additional electoral lists.

126 parties, alliances and unions have registered at the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) the names and signs under which they are going to run in the 5 June local elections.

Political parties, electoral alliances, national minority organisations and non-affiliated candidates may start as from Monday filing bids for this year’s elections to local councils, mayoralties and county councils.

The updated BEC Registry now includes both old and new names, such as the Social Democratic Party (PSD), the National Liberal Party (PNL), the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR), the Alliance of Liberal and Democrats (ALDE), the National Union for Romania’s Progress (UNPR), the People’s Movement Party (PMP), alongside the Union for Romania (UpR), Sebesul verde (Green Sebes), Alianta Impreuna pentru Sacele (Together for Sacele Alliance), Partidul Societatii Iesene (Iasi Society Party), Partidul Comunitar din Romania (Romania’s Community Party), Partidul Sacalazului din Romania (Romania’s Sacalaz Party), Partidul Mandri ca suntem Aradeni (Proud to Be Citizens of Arad), etc.

The election campaigning will be held May 6 – June 4.


Lawsuit filed by PNL on two-round mayoral elections started at the Bucharest Court of Appeals


The Bucharest Court of Appeals started to discuss on Monday the complaint filed by the National Liberal Party (PNL) on the topic of the two-round local elections.

PNL leader Alina Gorghiu pointed out that despite some people’s scepticism there is sufficient time for the administrative court to send the case file to the Constitutional Court and for the latter to make a ruling so that local elections would take place in two rounds.

Alina Gorghiu also stated that the elections could take place in two rounds also in case the Constitutional Court makes the ruling just a few days before June 5, the official date of the local elections, a date established by the Government Decision that PNL has attacked at the administrative court.

“Now I know the arguments of those who are looking on with scepticism. (…) I do not think time should block an overture that would lead to the idea of democracy in Romania and to the legitimacy of mayors. There is plenty of time even if it (the Constitutional Court – editor’s note) makes a ruling just a few days before. We have all the time in the world to organise elections two weeks after the date of June 5,” the PNL Co-President stated on Sunday on ProTV.

On February 12, PNL filed a preliminary complaint at the Government’s General Secretariat, notifying it that it will attack in court the Government Decision that sets the date of local elections. The Government gave its answer on March 8.

PNL’s overture is the only procedural option the party still had at its disposal in order to question the local elections law, namely the one-round local elections. The law is in force and can be attacked at the Constitutional Court only as part of an ongoing lawsuit or directly by the Ombudsman.


Marian Muhulet appointed Vice President of Permanent Electoral Authority


President Klaus Iohannis signed on Friday the decree that appoints Marian Muhulet Vice President of the Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP), according to a presidential press release.

Muhulet held the position of AEP Vice President before too, having been appointed by Premier Calin Popescu Tariceanu in 2007. In March 2015, Premier Victor Ponta decided not to extend Muhulet’s tenure and appointed Florin Mituletu (PSD) instead.

Marian Muhulet was also Central Electoral Bureau spokesperson during several elections.


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