PM Ciolos: Gov’t could pledge responsibility for administrative reform laws in June

The government could this June pledge responsibility for the package of laws on the reform of public administration, Premier Dacian Ciolos said at a meeting with journalists on Tuesday.

The PM said that the government will decide on the final form of the law that will be referred to Parliament following public debate.

Premier Dacian Ciolos announced on Monday in Parliament that the Government proposes for debate three scenarios that are being considered for the reform of public administration, and which tap into redefining the relationship between political decision and administrative execution levels.

“In the first scenario we suggest that, in addition to the existent rank of dignitary – minister and Secretary of state, we integrate into this category the prefects and subprefects, who represents the government at local level. (…) The second scenario, which is less challenging (…) would require the integration of the status quo with recruitment procedures for management positions, yet with the introduction of clear, transparent and objective rules in the process. (…) A third scenario would improve the status quo,” said Ciolos.


Mothers’ allowances: Law implementation could be delayed unless funding is found


Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos told journalists on Tuesday that the Government will decide on the payment of higher mothers’ allowances as financial resources are identified, and there is also a possibility of delaying the implementation of the law if funds for it are not found.

“No, we do not challenge the law [with the Constitutional Court]. I said that we, the Government, we undertake to fund it if we find the financial sources at revision. Until then, if we fail to find funding we will not apply. (…) It can be delayed. Any decision can be delayed,” said Ciolos.

He added that any decision with a financial impact “cannot be imposed unless there are funding sources.”

Late this March, the Chamber of Deputies passed a bill cancelling the cap on monthly child-care allowances and providing for the allowances being paid until children turn two.

Persons who have drawn taxable income for at least 12 months qualify for two-year child-care leave and three-year paid leave for children with disabilities.


Dacian Ciolos again dismisses intentions of government reshuffle


Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos dismissed again public talks about a government reshuffle as mere attempts to feed a feeling of instability.

“If I do it [a government reshuffle – editor’s note], when I do it, I will announce it. (…) You know, I have substantial talks with the ministers, about what they promised to do in that action plan by sectors, by what we decide in the government sitting, we discuss and we sometimes decide. (…) There are ministers about which I’m more satisfied than about others. I’m also interested in the functioning of the team as such. (…) This story of reshuffle now has been very much used to feed a feeling of instability, of incompetence. Those who want to feed it will do it no matter what I say,” Ciolos told journalists on Tuesday.

He added that “it’s much harder to find a competent minister who also wants to assume the relevant responsibility, than a general manager.”

Romanian Alliance of Liberal and Democrats co-chairman Calin Popescu-Tariceanu had warned on Monday that Ciolos’s cabinet risks a motion of no confidence if non-performing ministers are not replaced.

Social Democrat Party leader Liviu Dragnea asserted that his party does not “yet” intend to support a censure motion.

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