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June 26, 2022

Protesting miners, energy workers march 40 kms, dissatisfied with situation at CE Oltenia

Nearly 50 protesting miners and energy workers on Tuesday started off their second day of a protest march from Rovinari to Bucharest via Craiova, after spending the night at Cursaru, Plopsoru Commune, close to the border with Dolj County.

According to Chairman of the National Quarries and Energy (FNME) trade union federation Dumitru Parvulescu, the 40-km route travelled by foot on the first day of the march was difficult, with the employees of the Oltenia Energy Complex (CEO) overnighting in tents and the cars they use to carry along food and spare clothes.

He said on Tuesday they will travel another 40 km and on their way to Isalnita they will be joined by colleagues from the local branch.

“The route is difficult; it is no easy task travelling 40 km a day and overnight in tents when it sleets outside. Hopefully today [Tuesday] we get to Isalnita, where more colleagues are waiting to join us also coming from Turceni; [trade union leader] Iovan forbade them to come, but such is the unionist spirit,”said Parvulescu.

The  miners and energy workers of the Oltenia Energy Complex (CEO) on Monday embarked on a protest march from Rovinari to Bucharest City via Craiova to express their dissatisfaction with what they call the indifference of the national officials toward the situation of the company and the national energy system.

They started off from the Rovinari Power Plant branch and for some kilometers they were accompanied by about 100 locals.

Trade union leader Parvulescu said last week that the march will unfold over eight days, with the protesters to walk about 40 km a day. The protesting workers are either on a leave or suspended from work.

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