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January 28, 2022

Colectiv Association: Gov’t promises access to fire victims’ medical files

Representatives of the Colectiv Goodbye to Gravity 3010 Association say that the government has pledged support for the declassification of the medical files of the victims of the fire that ripped through the Bucharest Colectiv club on October 30, 2015 after several medical units refused to release to the grieving parents information on the causes of the death of their beloved, on grounds that the patients had not given a signed consent to this.

“Can you imagine the pain of a mother who cannot find out how the final moments of her child’s life have been? Legislation is ambiguous, not to say downright absurd. The state advisor to the Prime Minister’s Chancellery seems to have understood the situation and promised to have it solved,” says Eugen Iancu, founding member of the Colectiv GTG 3010 Association in a release sent to AGERPRES.

Iancu’s statement occurs in the context of the meeting this Tuesday, at the Victoria Palace of Government, between the Colectiv GTG 3010 Association and government representatives, when association members presented their goals and requested support to materialize them.

“Our foremost goal is to help the wounded. We brought to the attention of state advisor Raul Patrascu the problems they face and asked, first of all, that the funds provided by the government be disbursed on time. The wounded need bureaucracy to be removed, they need medical and social aid, some even need a caregiver. They are people who had a job and duly paid their taxes to the state, but now they effectively can’t do it anymore. They need temporary retirement or leave. It’s important that their life runs as close to normalcy as possible, we shouldn’t complicate it more. These people have had enough sufferance,” says Eugen Iancu.

The Colectiv GTG 3010 Association also said they proposed a cooperation protocol with the Health Ministry for the establishment of a “Single Dispatch Centre”.

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