New uranium plant in Romania

The National Uranium Company (CNU) is considering building a new uranium processing and refining plant that would use advanced technology. According to the National Energy Strategy 2015-2035, a document launched for public consultation by the Energy Department, the uranium deposit concerned is the Tulghes-Grinties deposit located in the Eastern Carpathians.

According to the document, the national uranium resources and the stocks of uranium concentrate powder in various stages of refinement stored on the Feldioara Platform cover the nuclear fuel needs of the two nuclear reactors of the Cernavoda Nuclear Plant for the whole duration of their lifetime.

The nuclear fuel needs of the two nuclear reactors are currently covered from domestic production, through the mining and processing of uranium ore from national deposits and the processing of uranium concentrate powder from the safety and consumption stock.

Romania does not export uranium ore, concentrate powder or uranium dioxide powder (the primary raw material for the nuclear fuel used by CANDU reactors – editor’s note), nor nuclear fuel in the form of bundles or any other form. In what concerns the nuclear fuel in the form of bundles, it is produced exclusively in Romania through the processing of uranium dioxide powder produced also in Romania. At this hour, according to the aforementioned document, uranium is not imported for the industrial-scale production of nuclear fuel.

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