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May 27, 2022

Maestro Andre Rieu donates EUR 150,000 to victims of the Colectiv fire

Famous violinist Andre Rieu was in Bucharest on Thursday in order to donate, alongside Carrefour, to the victims of the Colectiv nightclub fire, the proceeds registered through the sale of the ‘Andre Rieu Live in Bucharest’ DVD. The maestro of waltz, who gave no fewer than seven concerts in Romania in 2015, and was pleasantly impressed with the way he was welcomed here, promised to do this charitable gesture shortly after the tragic event took place in a Bucharest nightclub on 30 October 2015, event that left 64 youngsters dead and dozens more injured. Back then, the musician who has the largest private orchestra in the world stated, while holding his tears back, that Romanians gave him the most beautiful memories during the two weeks he spent in our country and his only thought when he found out about the tragedy was to come at the nightclub and cry alongside those grieving.

“The only thing I can give you is my music and I hope it will help. I created a DVD with these beautiful concerts, I just finished it, and I want to donate all proceeds to the families of the victims,” the Dutch musician stated last year.

On Thursday, Andre Rieu reiterated that he feels very close to Romania and that he did not waiver when help was needed. “’When you have friends, you want to help your friends. When this terrible accident happened here in Bucharest, the first thing I did was get in the plane and try to help you. And the only thing I can do was making music. I was here, in front of the club, crying with all of you, I decided to give all the money we would earn from selling of the DVD. And the exact money was 137.000 euro – rounding it off to EUR 150,000,” the maestro said at an event that took place on Thursday in Bucharest in the presence of the survivors of the tragedy and some of the victims’ relatives.

Rieu was accompanied by three doctors that tended and will continue to tend to those injured in the Colectiv nightclub fire. They talked about the need for the victims to continue their treatment, but also about the fact that no country in the world can handle alone the challenge of a high number of burn patients. In this sense, the specialists stated, work is being done on an efficient system to manage such cases. The specialists emphasised that saving the lives was just one step, and talked about the treatments the victims of the fire still need – two or three years of recovery, repeated surgeries, use of creams and special clothes. Doctors added that EUR 150,000 is not enough to do this, and Andre Rieu announced that the DVD will be put up for sale within the same supermarket chain and all proceeds will continue to be donated to the Colectiv Association.

Likewise, Rieu expressed his hope that his gesture will encourage others to donate to the victims of the Colectiv fire. “I can only tell you ‘please, help these people out,’ and then a system will be created to prevent such unpleasant events or, if they do take place, to make sure the care offered is optimal.”

Andre Rieu has included Romania in his new world tour this year and will return, on June 11, to the huge stage set up in front of the Palace of Parliament.


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