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September 26, 2020

Colectiv club fire survivors challenge in court Piedone’s bid for new term as Sector 4 Mayor

Representatives of the “Colectiv for the Future” Association filed on Friday with the Bucharest Sector 4 Court challenges to Cristian Popescu-Piedone’s candidacy for Sector 4 Mayor.

According to Victor Dobre, one of the survivors of the fire at Colectiv club, a number of 25 challenges were registered with the Court, with some other 50 going to be filed by mail.

Victor Dobre maintained that he represents the position of 40 people and criticized Piedone’s gesture of entering the election race. “We are doing our duty. We were shocked with his gesture. This is about respect for people and life,” he said.

Cezar, another survivor of the tragedy at Colectiv, pointed out that he does not endorse any candidate, but is intrigued by the gesture of former Sector 4 mayor. “I came to file a challenge to Piedone’s candidacy. I am intrigued by his gesture, because he is subject to a criminal investigation. If re-elected, he will be responsible with the citizens’ safety and this is not normal. I was hospitalised in Romania, then in Austria, in Graz. I am still undergoing recovery treatment. I don’t politically endorse anyone,” he explained.

Another survivor who came to file a challenge said the gesture of the former mayor hurts all those who had to suffer from the Colectiv club fire. “We cannot allow any more to be mocked and lied to by the authorities any longer. His gesture hurts us and the dead,” he said.

Cristian Popescu-Piedone (photo) filed his candidacy on Wednesday for a new term as Sector 4 mayor, announcing he will run as an independent, despite having previously announced that he will withdraw from political life following the Colectiv tragedy.

The Colectiv GTG 3010 Association says Sector 4 former mayor Cristian Popescu-Piedone has his share of guilt, from the moral point of view, for what happened in the Colectiv club (which is located in this sector), and announced that challenges can be filed against his candidacy for mayor until Friday at 17:00 hrs.

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