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February 9, 2023

Nicusor Dan, at launch of USB’s candidates in Bucharest: “Bucharest has to be saved from politicians”

On Thursday, the Save Bucharest Union (USB) launched its candidates for Bucharest’s district mayoralties. The candidates are: Clotilde Armand (District 1), Antoaneta Bugner (District 2), Roxana Wring (District 3), Dumitru Dobrev (District 4), Florin Grigorescu (District 5) and Mihai Danes (District 6). They are joined by Nicusor Dan, USB’s candidate for the Bucharest City Hall.

“We bring before you people that are competent in their professions. Any of them could work all over the world, they chose to live in Romania and they are taking a step forward, they are coming, on behalf of a large category of people, to solve society’s problems,” Nicusor Dan stated.

The USB candidate added that he plans to solve three important problems for Bucharest – transportation, district heating and cultural activities. “We want to take public administration where it should be. We are bringing the managerial experience of all the people you see behind, for them to make public administration a mechanism for the management of citizens’ money and a mechanism for the professional solving of citizens’ problems. Then we are coming up with concrete solutions to the problems the city has, saying how much it costs and how long it would take to solve: the problem of traffic and of transportation in general, the big problem of district heating, the green areas as a whole, cultural activities, recreational activities. We are coming up with a concrete solution to the education problem,” Nicusor Dan stated.


“Vote or the money will remain unspent”


In what concerns the issue of obtaining the political support of the General Council, in order to implement his development plan from the position of Bucharest Mayor, Nicusor Dan hinted that in such a situation he would not approve the earmarking of money.

“The mayor, if he is a mayor that has a vision for the city – something we haven’t seen so far – can come before the General Council with a number of projects: “Vote them or the money will remain unspent.” Council members can come up with parallel projects. It is believed that the power ratio is the General Council 90 percent and the Mayor 10 percent. In my opinion, the ratio is the Mayor 80 percent and the General Council 20 percent,” Nicusor Dan pointed out.

In what concerns the sources of financing for his elections campaign, Nicusor Dan said that the money come from “large and small donations” and that he expects to receive around EUR 100,000, pointing out that he has met businessmen too, and some of them gave him money “based on contracts authenticated by public notary.”

“We need clean people”

USB’s candidate for the Bucharest City Hall did not miss the opportunity to attack his contenders. Asked for his opinion on the fact that Marian Munteanu will run as PNL’s candidate, Nicusor Dan answered: “Mr. Munteanu does not look like a strong character to me.”

On the other hand, he commented on the fact that PNL Co-President Vasile Blaga and District 3 Mayor Robert Negoita (PSD) were heard at the DNA, saying that this shows “once again” how generalised corruption is in the large parties, and emphasising that Bucharesters need “clean, competent mayors that got involved in solving this city’s problems.”

“All these investigations are showing us how generalised corruption is in large parties. Bucharest has to be cleansed of this generalised corruption. Bucharest has to be saved from politicians. (…) We need clean, competent people who got involved in solving the city’s problems. We need decent people that would come up with solutions, not with slogans,” Nicusor Dan stated.

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