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January 25, 2022

PM Ciolos: Surprised to hear Bucharest became trendy after Old Centre opened

Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos said Friday that he learned from his friends that Bucharest is a new trendy destination for Europe’s youth, which the local administration should encourage.

“I remember that two years ago, when they started opening budget flights to Bucharest from Brussels, France and Germany, my younger friends (…) 20-25 years old (…) these young people who travel Europe from one end to the other on week-ends, with no borders would tell me, ‘Dacian, give us some addresses, contacts; do you have a flat or house in Bucharest for we go to Bucharest?’. ‘What are you doing in Bucharest?’ ‘Well, don’t you know that Bucharest is a new trendy destination in Europe, as Berlin was in 2000, around which all this dynamic has been developed; I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Bucharest became a trendy city after its Old Centre opened and clubs sprang up and events, some of which are a little bit underground, not physically only, but also in terms of perceptions,” Ciolos told a conference on community revitalisation and the impacts of innovative economic development through capitalisation on abandoned community heritage in large urban areas hosted by the Government House on Friday.

He added that it is the duty of the administration to encourage this creative, underground part.

“I believe that here we can play a part in bringing to the fore what used to be informal, to legitimise it, because you have to be recognised at administration level when it comes to support for projects. So if they do not talk about a project in the media, in the Government or somewhere else, formally, in a document, we will not touch it. (…) And I believe that we should see here, without killing this creative spirit, how to legitimate – by competitions of the Culture Ministry, prizes, contests, how to legitimate and bring to the light this creative, underground part,” said Ciolos.

The national conference “Community revitalization and impact of innovative economic development by capitalizing on community heritage abandoned in large urban areas” is organized by the Ministry for Public Consultation and Civic Dialogue, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Relations with the Business Environment and the Prime Minister’s Chancellery in partnership with NGOs that operate in the field.

The event represents an important stage in the bid to place the potential to capitalize on the unused community heritage in urban areas (industrial buildings, barracks, etc.) on the Government’s agenda by fostering the community spirit and encouraging entrepreneurial initiatives in creative industries, informs the website of the Ministry for Public Consultation and Civic Dialogue.


Authentic civic spirit – the driving force for reinventing politics, healing society


Premier Dacian Ciolos said on Friday that the authentic civic spirit is the driving force for reinventing politics and that this way society will heal too.

Ciolos made this – in his own terms – “a bit challenging” remark at the Conference “Community revitalization and impact of innovative economic development by capitalizing on community heritage abandoned in large urban areas,” organized at the Victoria Palace of Government.

“I believe that in time, we’ll see how long, starting from the authentic civic spirit developed by you, [the creation communities], starting also from the individual – because the cultural environment is individual and many a time individualist by definition (as a parenthesis, I’ve been living this for about a week now, with all the commotion at the Romanian Opera House) – values are individual, individualistic, but surely our mission is to channel them, channel all this energy in a positive way. The upside is that in this creative, modern culture this individual spirit does not necessarily remain individualistic, but is directed towards the community, towards an authentic civic spirit, and I think that it’s against this background that politics or otherwise said the authentic representation of society in decision-making and in orienting society in a certain direction, will be reinvented in the future. Therefore I encourage you not to fear to express your civic spirit through all the means you have at hand – peaceful, civic, constructive – alongside the creative spirit. And I think that this way we will also heal society. (…) I am thinking here of that part of culture that goes beyond shop windows, museums, probably this is the way we can contribute to healing society and provides yet another reason for the Government to support you, to the affordable extent,” said Dacian Ciolos, according to Agerpres.


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