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September 24, 2021

“Treasures of Romania” exhibition in Beijing draws 35,000 visitors in two months

“Treasures of Romania” exhibition that opened at the National Museum of China in Beijing on January 28, was visited by 35,000 people as of March 31, the National Museum of Romania’s History (MNIR) reported on Friday.

A collection of representative prehistoric, classical and mediaeval Romanian archaeology as well as Romanian mediaeval arts, the exhibition is a first of its kind and magnitude hosted by China over the past 66 years.

Contributing to the exhibition, coordinated by the National Museum of Romania’s History (MNIR) and the National Museum of Romania’s Arts (MNAR) are the most valuable items from more than 30 Romanian museums.

Displayed are 445 objects, exceptional creations of large civilisations from the Neolithic, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, Gaeto-Dacian and Roman civilisations that preceded the emergence of Romanians on the world history’s stages as well as mediaeval and pre-modern Romanian cultures, some of which are unique in Europe and the world, deemed true treasures of the universal humankind creations.

The exhibition, a major project in a cultural cooperation programme between the national governments of Romania and China in 2013-2016, stays open in Beijing throughout May 8. It will travel to the Sichuan Province, June 5- August 5.

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