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August 14, 2022

Year 2015, Romania’s leanest in 18 years in terms of foreign start-ups

In 2015, Romania witnessed the shortest number of start-ups on foreign capital in 18 years, according to data with the National Companies Registry Office (ONRC).

Thus, only 5,831 such start-ups were created in Romania in 2015, down from 6,219 in 2014. The best year for start-ups after 1991 was 2007, when more than 15,000 such companies were created, while 1995 was the worst, with just 3,400 of them.

In terms of the paid-up capital, 2015 was the leanest in 12 years in terms of foreign-capital start-ups, with just 1.2 billion euros in such capital, down from 2008, a peak year of 4 billion euros in paid-up foreign capital. The year 2014 also witnessed a notable value of such capital, at 3.89 billion euros. The lowest value after 1991, of just 183.7 million euros, was reported in 1995.

Compared with 2014, the total value of paid-up foreign capital was down 68 percent in 2015, according to data with ONRC.

In the first two months of 2016, the number of such companies was down 13.6 percent, at 818, from 974 in January-February 2015.

In 1991-2015, 204,466 companies were created on foreign capital of an aggregate paid-up capital in excess of 42.8 billion euros; most of them were construction companies (27.2 percent of the total); followed by industries (25.9 percent) and professional services (19.3 percent). Most of them, 92,072, were set up in Bucharest City, of a total paid-up capital of 21.8 billion euros.

Out of the 204,466 start-ups, 41,749 run on Italian capital, but the largest share capital of them came from the Netherlands – 8.4 billion euros – although they were just 4,600.

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