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June 21, 2021

Basescu to Blaga: “Dear Vasile, it’s more honorable to be a corporal under Basescu than to be a bad soldier under Gorghiu”

Traian Băsescu sends the message to Vasile Blaga that he will enter into the City Hall competition if the latter will replace Marian Munteanu, ironically saying that he will do this only “to knock hell out of him”, accusing him for selling PDL “to a bunch without vision”.

“I understand from the Media that Vasile Blaga invites me in the ring for the Bucharest City Hall. Dear Vasile, if it’s true, please be careful what you are wishing for. You know so well that in your political career you couldn’t win even a village town hall; Oprescu defeated you in 2008, in the competition for Bucharest, like you were from Vaslui, and not from Bihor custom. Even in the party elections, your people had to run away with the ballot boxes, to make you win. Should I tell you the way you made yourself a senator in 2012, in Timiş, because everybody disliked you in Bihor?” wrote Traian Basescu (photo R) on Facebook.

The PMP leader also says that Vasile Blaga, the PNL Co-Chair, sold PDL “to a bunch without vision” to keep his position and ironically challenges him to assume the candidacy to the Bucharest City Hall in Marian Munteanu’s place.

“Dear Vasile, if you want to be sure that I will enter in the competition (or in the ring, as you like to say), make the announcement that you will compete for the Bucharest City Hall in Marian Munteanu’s place. I assure you that I will then enter in the competition also, only to knock hell out of you, MUUUUUUCH worse than Oprescu did in 2008. And this is only because you sold PDL to a bunch without vision to save your little party chief chair. Dear Vasile, I will tell you one more secret: it’s more honorable to be a corporal under Băsescu than to be a bad soldier under Ghorghiu. Have a nice day, Vasile!” the former President concludes.

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