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May 19, 2021

Macovei: With Marian Munteanu as mayor, Bucharest would end up in hell. We would end up with housewife Firea and we would get cooking recipes

M10 President Monica Macovei stated on Saturday in Alba Iulia, answering a question, that Bucharest “would end up in hell” with Marian Munteanu as mayor, being of the opinion that his nomination is “rigged by PNL and PSD,” with Bucharesters being set “to get cooking recipes” from Gabriela Firea.

Asked where Bucharest would end up with Marian Munteanu as a mayor, against the backdrop in which she called him “anti-European” and “anti-American,” Monica Macovei answered: “in hell.”

“So nowhere. I suppose it’s an arrangement with PSD and we would end up with housewife Firea and we would get cooking recipes. Such a nomination is shameful. Mr. Munteanu could do nothing for Bucharest, just as Ms. Firea could not. They have absolutely no grasp of administration. Apart from their view on life and on our day-to-day lives or on administration. Apart from this, Marian Munteanu cannot take Romania toward progress. He cannot take her toward progress, nor toward security. We need security at this moment because in the east we have Moldova, where the Russians are masters. (…) We have Serbia which is very close to Russia. We have Crimea, and so we need support and security, which comes from NATO, where the most important state is the U.S. and we have to stick to this special partnership and to the European Union,” Macovei said.

When asked whether a Bucharest mayor can ruin relations with the Americans and the European Union, she added that “anyone can, who knows what statement he might make,” and any statement made by a politician is noted by all embassies and goes all over the world in a few minutes.

Macovei added that she is not saying that Marian Munteanu will ruin relations but “he would generate a bigger and pointless headache” and as long as he is the PNL candidate the Americans will wonder whether “PNL is thinking the same since it nominated this candidate.”

Asked whether in her opinion Gabriela Firea will win the elections, Macovei said that Bucharesters will not vote for Munteanu, “very few will vote for Firea too, but plenty of those casting votes.”

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