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October 24, 2021

George Friedman believes Romania is a good place for American investments

+ The third edition of “Emerging Funding for the Real Economy” brought together in Bucharest numerous financial banking system officials and analysts from our country but also from abroad


Present at the third edition of “Emerging Funding for the Real Economy,” the well-known economist George Friedman, Chairman and CEO of Geopolitical Futures, analysed several geopolitical and geostrategic aspects that impact our country more or less.

Romania has two big challenges: dependence on the European Union in what concerns financing and strategy and lack of confidence in her own forces, visible mostly among the country’s elites, George Friedman stated.

He believes that Romania has a great advantage – a large market – and that she has to expand her businesses in Ukraine, the Balkans and the eastern Mediterranean.

Friedman also says that Romania is an essential country in the region and is located at the crossroad of several important areas: the Middle East, the European Union, Russia and the Balkans.

“Romania has the opportunity of having a large domestic market, but she is also close to the Balkans, the Ukraine, the Eastern Mediterranean, areas where you can grow and do business,” Friedman said.

Among other things, Friedman emphasised that the Americans are looking for places in which to invest, Romania being one of them.

“All I know is that a banking system that would cater for the needs of small companies has to be created. The size of the company does not determine its appetite for services. (…) America is full of money that go to China, Japan, all the way to the Middle East. Our interest rates are small not only thanks to the Federal Reserve, but also because the surplus of money is once again lifting the capital market. The money come from the outside. Americans are looking for places where to invest them. Romania is one of those places. The moment when, now, the eastern hemisphere is falling apart and the U.S. has large reserves of money, opportunities have to be created, I’m not talking about the creation of new government programmes, but the [Romanian] Government should step out of the way a bit,” Friedman said.


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