Official statistics: 2015 employment rate up to 61.4pc

In 2015, the employment rate among the population of working age (15-64) was 61.4 percent, up by 0.4 percentage points year on year, the National Institute of Statistics (INS) announced on Monday.

Among the population aged 20 to 64, the employment rate years was 66.0pc, which was 4.0pc below the national target of 70pc set within the Europe 2020 Strategy.

INS registered an economically active population of 9.159 million, including 8.535 million employed and 624,000 unemployed.

The employment rate was still higher among men (69.5pc) than among women (53.2pc), along the past years’ figures; also, the rate was higher in rural areas (61.7pc) than in urban ones (61.3pc).

By age tiers, the employment rates were 24.5pc for youth (15-24 years) and 41.1pc for elderly (55-64).

By education levels, the rate was 85.3pc for graduates of higher education, 64.9pc for those with medium level studies, and 42.6pc for those with lower education levels.

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