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December 7, 2021

President Iohannis to refund rent from house lost in court

President Klaus Iohannis has acknowledged the deregistration of some rights on a house following a ruling of the Court of Appeals of Brasov, and he will immediately refund the money paid to him as rent for that house, the Presidential Administration announced on Tuesday.

“Mr. Klaus Iohannis has taken note of the changes brought to Real Estate Register no.9331 Sibiu, in the sense of the deregistration of some rights on a house that was the object of a ruling issued by the Brasov Court of Appeals. In the legal context created, Mr. Iohannis fully respects the court’s decision and will undoubtedly return the sums that were collected on the basis of the lease contract, starting with the date on which the Brasov Court of Appeals took the decision,” the Presidential Administration communiqué reads.

Thus, according to the communique, the President will return the money he has collected since the date on which the Brasov Court of Appeals announced its decision, namely 12 November 2015.

President Klaus Iohannis and his wife Carmen are no longer the owners of the house located in downtown Sibiu, a house they lost in court, after the County Land Registry admitted on Monday the Public Finance Administration’s request to deregister their ownership right, however the decision can be challenged within 15 days.

Last November, Klaus and Carmen Iohannis lost the house in a final ruling made by the Brasov Court of Appeals, following a lawsuit that lasted for over 16 years. A bank currently has its offices there. The Iohannises however did not give up and filed an appeal at the Brasov Court of Appeals. Judges scheduled the court hearing at first on January 4, then on January 25. On January 25, the judges postponed the court hearing for June 6.

The lawsuit in which President Klaus Iohannis and his wife are asking for the rejection of the ruling that saw them lose the house will be tried at the Pitesti Court of Appeals, after the Supreme Court decided to transfer the case from the Brasov Court of Appeals.

The Sibiu County Public Finance Administration (AJFP) asked, on April 4, the deregistration of the ownership rights that the Iohannises had on the house located on Nicolae Balcescu 29.

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