Traian Basescu: A national security sect wants to push Romanians toward extremist nationalism

Ex-president Traian Basescu was on Romania TV on Sunday evening, where he talked about the current situation on the political scene, about this summer’s local elections, about his candidacy for the Bucharest City Hall, but also about a “national security sect” which, according to him, has “the brains” at the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) and the “muscle” at the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA), but also has ramifications within the Government and all decision-making institutions in Romania.

Basescu stated that he is alarmed by the emergence of a candidate such as Marian Munteanu for the Bucharest City Hall, just as he is concerned with the emergence of an ever-growing number of parties with a nationalist and extremist-nationalist doctrine. The former president stated that this is the result of the “clatter of handcuffs” policy imposed by the DNA and conceived within SRI offices.

“I wonder why we ended up having candidates the likes of Marian Munteanu, toward whom I have a neutral stance? Why did we end up being the country that is hosting a high-level meeting of European nationalists? Why are an ever-growing number of nationalist parties being set up? I believe I have the answer: on the one hand, there are the realities of the existing political class, on the other hand the exaggerations of a decision to abusively cleanse the political class, with handcuffs waved every day. The population will no longer see any other horizon than that of nationalism. Some brains are giving the orders and some institutions are carrying out this anticorruption fight that is discrediting the political class. SRI is involved, the brains are categorically at SRI. It’s a national security sect, spread throughout state institutions, which has an unseen leader, within SRI, an enforcer, which is the DNA, and whose goal is to discredit political institutions. The brains are from Romania and they are people that hold the information and people that hold the handcuffs,” Traian Basescu stated.

“This weekly process of asking for the arrest of an MP has led to the conviction that the entire Parliament consists of corrupt MPs. Which is not true. There are also people who do their job, who come up with draft laws. They are many. But when your concern is to file one or two arrest requests each week, the impression created is that this is an institution that should disappear. I can infer the names of the “brains,” but it’s clear that the analysis is taking place at the helm of SRI, led by General Coldea, and the enforcement at the DNA, controlled by Ms. Kovesi. Nobody else knows, it’s their decision. But SRI’s Constitutional Protection Directorate should have long ago offered an analysis on what the destruction of political institutions means,” the former President added.

Traian Basescu believes that the group he is talking about coalesced during his term in office, and now has representatives in all of the state’s “key” institutions. “This sect was formed during my term in office, but I did not notice because it was not aggressive. It is present within the Government through Professor Dancu and Professor Curaj. It’s present within embassies, academician Mihalache is just leaving for his post. It is present within ANAF, ANI, anywhere important decisions could be taken. On one hand, they protect each other and they are waging a strong battle against the political. And the result is the very rapid rise of nationalist extremism and we end up nominating candidates with a powerful tinge of extremist nationalism in their approaches. Because that is what people like.”


“Nationalism will bloom in Romania”


“Romanians have rejected nationalism, however, if they see it as the only solution they will head toward it with all their heart for a long period of time. The goal sought is to push Romania toward a certain zone, there is a command other than that of democracy, one that has to be consolidated. Mafia bosses such as Pescariu, Florica, were allowed to remain free and keep their money too. So it’s a lie to say that the goal is recovering the money,” Traian Basescu warns.

“I agree that a renewal of the political class is needed, but we have to see with whom. If we replace it with extremist nationalists then Romania will be destroying herself. Those in charge of the national security sect should know they have an opponent in me. Because I understand what is going on, I haven’t just now landed in political life without understanding the approaches of decision-making centres. I don’t know if President Iohannis understands the situation. I too have lived the experience of being a greenhorn at the Presidential Palace. Its duration depends on the intelligence of each person. In my case it lasted one and a half years, two, but it could last the whole tenure unless you deal with it,” the ex-president added.


Basescu maintains suspense over possible Bucharest City Hall candidacy: I’ve taken my decision but I take the liberty to announce it later


Ex-president Traian Basescu also stated that he has already taken a decision in what concerns his candidacy for the Bucharest City Hall but he will announce it only when he considers it timely.

“I’ve taken my decision concerning the candidacy, but it’s not timely to reveal it right now. I take the liberty to make the announcement later. I will do what I have to do, what is right for a politician like me, who has won 2 terms as MP, 2 terms as mayor and 2 terms as Romanian President. I have the discernment to do what is appropriate. Where do you get the conclusion that I won’t run? In politics I’ve won all offices obtained through vote. I wasn’t Prime Minister, but maybe God enlightens those who will come next. If I were to enter the race for the Bucharest City Hall nobody else would win,” Traian Basescu stated.

Traian Basescu also talked about some of the candidates already officially nominated – Marian Munteanu and Calin Popescu Tariceanu.

“I remember Marian Munteanu as an exponent of the University Square. At that time, I was in Constanta and the impression was that we were seeing a leader of students, a leader that was against the communist system. Then he had an interesting evolution, I wouldn’t say condemnable, with nationalist approaches, slightly leaning toward the Iron Guard doctrine too. This is where I place Marian Munteanu. Whether he honestly believes in Iron Guard approaches is a discussion worth having. I am talking about his options as expressed in political statements. The question is why we ended up having such candidates. And the answer is the national security sect within institutions, which wants to push the population toward extremist nationalism,” the former President said.


“Iohannis is erroneously choosing his priorities”


Traian Basescu warned President Klaus Iohannis about things of vital importance for Romania that are happening right under his nose but that he fails to notice because he is erroneously choosing his priorities.

“I agree that the political class should undergo a renewal, but we have to see with whom. Because if we replace it with extremist nationalists then Romania will be destroying herself. (…) I don’t know whether President Iohannis is understanding the situation. I too have lived the experience of being a greenhorn at the Presidential Palace. Its duration depends on the intelligence of each person. In my case, it lasted one and a half years, two, but it could last the whole tenure unless you deal with it. The situation has nothing to do with President Iohannis’s real-estate situation. The problem is with the laxities he is showing, the long and frequent trips, the eccentricities such as the president’s wife having a Mercedes limousine, investments worth 3 million in his residence, investments in the Cotroceni Palace’s sprinkler system. If this has become a priority at Cotroceni… Maybe this problem has to be solved too; I did not notice the plaster falling apart. The Cotroceni Palace is not new, it was furnished before the Revolution, it’s a bit obsolete but if this is the Romanian President’s main concern… not having a kitchen. I couldn’t stand the smell of food in the Cotroceni Palace and I asked for the kitchen to be shut down. Whoever wanted to eat was ordering food,” Traian Basescu stated on Romania TV.


“The Government of technocrats is the two large parties’ mockery”


Traian Basescu deemed that the Government led by Dacian Ciolos is the perfect representation of the fact that a government of technocrats is not suitable for Romania.

“This Government is doing nothing; it was installed by the two large parties in order to mock Iohannis’s “my government.” In Parliament there is an avalanche of financial benefits offered to many categories, when they know very well that the Government does not have the money for this. It’s clearly seen what technocrat means: unable to take a decision, to have a vision. There is another technocrat who is knocking on Bucharest’s gates: Nicusor Dan. A know-nothing who is good at running his mouth, who made a name for himself just because he obstructed, justifiably or not, certain permits issued in Bucharest. If he were to become mayor we would have a huge disappointment, just like we had with Iohannis.”



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