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January 24, 2022

Cash for Clunkers 2016 to start next month

+ A voucher is worth RON 6,500 and the sum allocated by the Gov’t totals RON 220 M +  Incentives offered for the purchase of hybrid and electric auto vehicles


The financing guide of the “Cash for Clunkers” Programme has been launched for open consultation for a period of ten days and new cars can be bought starting in mid-May, Environment Minister Cristiana Pasca Palmer stated on Wednesday, after the Government meeting.

According to the minister, the total value of the programme is RON 220 M this year, of which RON 75 M will be allocated to the “Cash for Clunkers Plus” extension through which Romanians can buy fully electric cars.

According to official data, this year the classic “Cash for Clunkers” programme will have a budget of RON 145 M, and the value of a voucher will be RON 6,500 just like last year. The programme scraps cars that are older than 8 years. Just like in 2015, there will be “green” bonuses, namely RON 750 for the purchase of a new vehicle whose engine generates carbon dioxide emissions lower than 100 grams per kilometre, but also for the purchase of hybrid auto vehicles, so that buyers could cash in a maximum of RON 9,000.

On the other hand, the “Cash for Clunkers Plus” programme will include a bonus of RON 5,000 offered for those who want to buy new hybrid cars, and RON 20,000 for those who want to buy a fully electric car.

The novelty is that the persons who want to apply for “Cash for Clunkers Plus” do not have to scrap an old car. However, if those who do scrap an old car plan to purchase an electric car, they can obtain a voucher of RON 6,000.

Environment Ministry estimates show that 20,000 cars older than 8 years will be scrapped during this year’s edition of the programme.

At the same time, the Environment Ministry pointed out that the “Cash for Clunkers Plus” programme will also feature a component for the financing of infrastructure for the charging of electric cars, but the work is currently focused on the Financing Guide.

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