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January 24, 2022

UniCredit supports SMEs through ELITE programme

+ UniCredit selects Jidvei to take part in UniCredit CEE Lounge


UniCredit has announced that Jidvei is one of the seven Central and Eastern European SMEs with growth potential that have been selected to take part in UniCredit CEE Lounge’s second session of programmes. The initiative offers SMEs innovative organisational development services and management instruments, which help them accelerate their growth. UniCredit CEE Lounge, part of the ELITE programme developed by the London Stock Exchange, was launched in December 2015, through the selection of 14 participating companies. The companies have currently entered the third specialised training module. Continuing the series of successes, which started with the launch of the programme, UniCredit and the London Stock Exchange will soon facilitate the access of a new series of clients to organisational training sessions. Jidvei and other participating companies come from the UniCredit’s network of clients in Central and Eastern Europe.

“We are glad we were included in this top-level programme alongside other ambitious companies that are in the race for development and organisational growth. Although we are just at the start of the road, we have the conviction that the ELITE programme will turn out to be very beneficial for our company’s development, placing at our disposal not only a full range of training and coaching services but also access to a large community of companies, from which we will surely have many things to learn,” Jidvei CEO Maria Necsulescu stated.

“We are delighted to be able to offer these clients consultancy in an innovative way with the help of the ELITE programme. For us, the possibility to find out more about their needs and strategies, in parallel with developing a solid relationship of collaboration with them, represents a real opportunity that we chose to embrace as early as last year. Our objective is to develop a working framework oriented toward the generation of added value. That is why we are putting the clients at the centre of our activity, and the ELITE programme helps us very much in this direction. Through this partnership, we offer SMEs access to diversified financial instruments by developing in parallel their capacity to attract potential investors. We strongly believe that in this way we help companies take strategic decisions that really help their development,” stated Enrico Minniti, head of UniCredit’s Corporate & Investment Banking Division for Central and Eastern Europe.

Since its launch in 2012, ELITE has supported over 320 companies in Europe, its community currently including 150 advisers and 90 investors. The ELITE environment helps ambitious private companies become more aware of the multiple financing options at their disposal while at the same time improving their visibility and capacity to attract potential investors or partners. At the same time, the programme brings these companies together, giving them the possibility of inspiring each other, exchanging ideas, sharing examples of good practices and identifying business opportunities.

The ELITE services are offered to SMEs selected as part of the UniCredit CEE Lounge. UniCredit Group contributes to the training modules, while at the same time ensuring access to its own customized assistance services.

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