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September 19, 2019

PM Ciolos on public television: We could not patch a broken bag only for sake of votes’ harvesting

Garbage should not be hidden under the mat just because it’s ugly and smelly in full electoral campaign and the broken bag shouldn’t be patched only because we must go to votes’ harvesting, on Sunday wrote Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos on his Facebook page, in reference to the situation of the public television TVR.

“They who say things as they are do not excuse, nor accuse. And yet it is about time we be honest with ourselves and stop asking someone to hide the garbage under the mat just because it’s ugly and smelly in full electoral campaign. (…) We cannot patch the bag anymore just because we are having an emergency harvest of … votes,” Dacian Ciolos said, in an answer to a commentary by a man who says among other things that ‘bad jokes of this Government are going on’ and that ‘they who excuse themselves, are accusing themselves.’

The commentary of the said man appears to a message published on 22 April by Dacian Ciolos where the prime minister referred to a release by his government with clarifications in connection to the problem of the TVR debts in the context of Romania’s participation to the Eurovision song contest. In a press statement released on Friday, the Government said the problem of the outstanding debts of TVR is almost one decade old.

According to PM Ciolos, the Government also mentioned that the national public television is an organisation operating under the authority of Parliament, which has to pick the management board of TVR. Ciolos added that the situation of TVR has been reported to Parliament as early as the beginning of the current year and after meeting of the members on the culture committees and TVR as well as governmental representatives a conclusion was made that the Government will come up with solutions for legislative modifications that will streamline TVR and manage the problems of TVR’s outstanding debt.

European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has announced it is withdrawing TVR its EBU membership for failing to settle a debt of 16 million Swiss francs, which also led to Romania being excluded from the Eurovision song contest.

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