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April 11, 2021

Beth Hart keeps her promise and returns to Bucharest for a new concert

Beth Hart, the nominee singer  for Grammy Awards, who’s voice is a mix between Janis Joplin, Etta James, Billie Holliday, Otis Redding and Amy Winehouse, will sing one more time for the Romanian audience. She will return to Bucharest to hold a new concert at June 17, at Palace Hall (Sala Palatului), according to the organizers.

After an interaction with the Romanian public in 2015, which was “amazing”, according to the singer, Beth Hart promised that she will return in less than one year.

“I thought it will be wonderful, but I never thought it will be amazing!” said Beth Hart, which considered that meeting the Romanian audience was surprisingly.

The American singer was impressed by the warm welcome and by the public in Bucharest, who already knew her songs so well.

Those who love Beth Hart and want to see her live this year, may expect anything from the singer, which is seen as one of the most appreciated voices of the contemporary blues, because she has… an unpredictable playlist. The artist uses to change the setlist for each show, as she did at her first show in Romania, in 2015, when right after the journalists told her what they wish to hear, she changed her playlist according to their requests. And, since she didn’t play some of the songs for many years ago, the American singer rehearsed them right in the lobby of the Palace Hall.

Beth Hart is born on January 24, 1972, and she started her music career in 1993, when she launched her first album, called “Beth Hart and the Ocean of Souls”. Another seven solo albums followed this one, together with two albums recorded with the guitar player and music writer Joe Bonamassa (namely “Don’t Explain” in 2011 and “Seesaw” in 2013. For the “Seesaw” album she was nominated for Grammy Awards. Beth Hart is currently on tour, while she is preparing her eight album. Tickets for the Bucharest show in June 17 are available in the Vreau Bilet network. For more details you can access the vreaubilet.ro website.



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