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August 4, 2021

SocDem’s Zgonea: In PSD, a leader has responsibility of political destiny of over half a million of people

Unlike other parties, a leader of the Social Democrat Party (PSD) has the responsibility of a political destiny of more than half a million of people to whom he has to instill confidence and hope and not burden them with their own problems, on Sunday said the SocDems’ executive chairman, Valeriu Zgonea.

“We have fought together, we have won together and we have suffered together for many times. We have led together campaigns even against some people who today are members of our party and are giving us lessons of what it is like to be a social-democrat. Who are telling us today to erect higher walls, capable to defend us from the reality outside. I believe this is totally wrong. And I believe that social-democracy means exactly to break down the walls between us and the people, to be close to them and find solutions to their problems. This is why I have accepted last year to make team with (PSD head – author’s note) Liviu Dragnea. Because we have both agreed to come to the Congress with a strong, out of soul promise: to modernize the Left of Romania. And to re-establish it on three fundamental principles: decency, integrity and responsibility. To give a clear signal to all the political class that it is time for a change and that the PSD – the largest and most important party of Romania – will be the spearhead of this change. That promise I do respect, Liviu!” wrote Zgonea on Sunday on his Facebook page.

He added that for 20 years now since in the PSD, he came to know many of the hundreds of thousands of members, who are “working, responsible, decent people” and that the PSD leaders should never allow that these people are labeled “with a label they don’t deserve.”

The PSD executive chairman adds that this is his belief he is going to stick to till the end.

“I hope and believe that after all this Friday’s emotion you are going to stick to, as well, Liviu! Because the PSD is a family whose main principle is solidarity, but a solidarity with the Left values and principles, and not one against justice. Life has demonstrated that any time we were duplicitous and passive towards the peoples’ wishes, the world has sanctioned us and we lost elections. And it is not fair that the future of the PSD to be endangered due to some personal / of group interests. We have a historic chance: to win again the local and the parliamentary elections and to rule again Romania in the peoples’ interest. We will win the locals because we have demonstrated seriousness and performance in what we did in the local administration. And yet we could lose for good the peoples’ confidence in the PSD grand project. 2016 is the year of victory or definitive defeat for the PSD. It depends on us all what we wish and what choice we make,” Zgonea ended.

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