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August 8, 2022

Victor Ponta: PSD Vice President, undercover officer

Victor Ponta muddies the waters within PSD, waters already agitated following Liviu Dragnea’s conviction. The ex-Premier explained on Saturday what he wanted to say on Friday when he launched on Facebook the hypothesis that “undercover or overt officers” from the party want Liviu Dragnea’s office. He named no names and gave only clues: a former minister, currently Social Democrat Vice President.

The Social Democrat Party has 14 Vice Presidents, 6 of whom were ministers: Rovana Plumb, Nicolae Banicioiu, Mihai Tudose, Ioan Vulpescu, Doina Pana and Ecaterina Andronescu. So far only three of them denied the allegation.

Former PSD President Victor Ponta said that his Facebook message did not refer to Valeriu Zgonea, as claimed by the press, but to “a PSD Vice President, former member of Government. If need be, I will tell my colleagues who that is,” Victor Ponta wrote on Facebook.

The former Premier’s statements come after he wrote on Facebook, shortly after PSD President Liviu Dragnea was sentenced in the Referendum Case, that Dragnea “should not resign from the office of PSD President. He has to keep the party together, to win the local and parliamentary elections and to keep PSD safe from all undercover or overt officers that want to take it over.”

“I did not recognise myself in the description. I don’t want to take over power within PSD, I am not an undercover officer either. From this point of view, I rest easy, he’s not talking about me, but the accusations are very serious. He is a lawyer. If he had a different profession and did not understand the legal implications of the statement…,” PSD Vice President and former Economy Minister Mihai Tudose said.

Ecaterina Andronescu, PSD Vice President and former Education Minister, stated in her turn: “He is an informed man and he is not indifferent to what is happening to PSD. That is why, from my point of view, I believe he should clarify. What I can tell you 100 percent is that I’m not that person. He has generated curiosity to say the least.”

“What I can guarantee is that I absolutely do not have and never had any links with such structures. I am not undercover, nor overt! I am not interested and never was interested to run for the office of party president. So I’m out of the picture,” reacted Doina Pana, another PSD Vice President and former minister.

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